Introducing Timex Marathon GPS

Timex Marathon GPS Sport Watch

Two words probably stood out when you saw this article: “Timex” and “GPS.” Here’s one more thing that should stand out too: “$99.95.” Put ‘em together and what have you got? The Timex Marathon GPS – a pretty fantastic option for the runner who wants reliable distance, pace and speed calculations.

Key Features

  • Records and displays total time, distance, pace, and speed
  • Automatically records lap splits for up to 6 custom set distances
  • Computes calories based on gender, age and weight
  • Stores up to 30 workouts for data comparison

Of course, you have plenty of options if you’re looking for a more complicated GPS watch with a heap of advanced features including data upload, endless customized screen options, and interval timers. But watches with these features tend to cost significantly more, and some are also heavier and bulkier on the wrist. Plus you could spend days digging through the details in the owner’s manual.

Why not spend less time punching buttons on your watch and more time punching up the tempo on your next run? If you just want a simple, easy to use watch that helps you track how far you’ve traveled, the Timex Marathon GPS was built for you.

  • Nicholas Pang

    How does this compare to the equally priced Soleus 1.0?

  • Matt

    It’s nearly identical. In our experience the Marathon GPS is a bit faster in acquiring a signal. It’s also about an eighth of an inch thinner and a few tenths of an ounce lighter than the Soleus 1.0 model.

  • Nicholas Pang

    Very cool! One of my GPS/HRM, the MOTOACTV, takes 3 FULL minutes to acquire a signal, IF it can – most of the time, it does not :(

  • Paul Ulrich

    Can this unit provide real-time, current pace?

  • Matt

    Absolutely. While you’re running, the Marathon GPS can display your current pace in either minutes/mile or minutes/kilometer.

  • Paul Ulrich

    Another question: what are the auto-lap options? Will it do .25 and .5 mile laps?

  • Matt

    The watch is configurable for Auto-Lap markers at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 miles. There’s also a 2/5ths of a mile option.

  • GeorgeRunnerPR

    Can anyone tell me how is called the feature that tracks the runner’s speed so when he/she go below the target speed it will beep? Does this model has it?

  • Matt

    This feature is called a “pace alert.” The Garmin Forerunner 310XT, 410, 610 and 910XT have it. The Timex Ironman Run Trainer also has a pace alert. The Timex Marathon GPS does not offer this feature.

  • Deborah

    I am thinking between Nike Gps watch and this one. What do you think? Anybody have used both of this before? Please give me some suggestions!:)

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Deborah. Though both watches will give you distance and pace calculations, the Nike SportWatch GPS is more interconnected, offering you the ability to upload data to and share through social media. The Timex Marathon GPS stores run data in the watch only. The Nike SportWatch also can save more run histories and has a few cool features like tapping the screen to mark laps or activate the backlight. Keep in mind you’ll need a computer with a USB slot to use the Nike SportWatch.

  • Tin

    How about comparison of this to Soleus 2.0 model. Which is better

  • Taro


    Both watches will give you basic GPS functionality such as the ability to track distance and pace. The Soleus GPS 2.0 will allow you to upload workout data to a PC or an online community, while the Timex Marathon GPS will only store workout data within the watch. It should be noted that the Soleus software is not compatible with computers running a Mac OS.

    On the Soleus GPS 2.0 you will also find timers specific to running intervals, while the Timex Marathon GPS does not carry this feature.

  • Jessenya

    I all but figured out the set up except I cant figure out how to do an interval timer. I run 2 minutes walk 2 minutes and my regular timex watch does that. Does this one do it too? and if so can someone tell me how?

  • Matt

    According to Timex, this watch does not offer interval timer capability.

  • George cotter

    This watch can be set to metric lengths and there you can get am 1/4 mile auto lap, displayed as .4 km. @Paul Ulrich

  • Zegar

    Another question: what are the auto-lap options? Will it do .25 and .5 mile laps?

  • Matt

    The watch is configurable for Auto-Lap markers at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 miles. There’s also a 2/5ths of a mile option.