Finish Line Friday: Women Warriors

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Our goal is to help inspire you to keep going, train harder, dig a little deeper and cross the finish line. For this week’s FLF, Christine will be sharing her personal sources of inspiration.


Current Position: Retail Associate

Favorite Part of the Job: I love getting to move around all day! Another favorite part of my job is interacting with the “regulars” that come in. I also enjoy imitating my coworkers and listening to 10 different Pandora stations a day.

Running Background: I’d say my running background is pretty casual. I’ve done a few races in the past but have no desire to race now. Running is just a part of my mental and physical health!

What inspires you?
At my other two jobs, I work with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Their will and perseverance continually inspires me beyond words. I also cycle through a few different women warriors I’ve read about from history when things get rough. The first is Macha (Irish mythology) who, at the challenge of the king, raced horses on foot and beat them, then gave birth to twins at the finish line! Another is Artemis (Greek mythology) who is goddess of the hunt, and protector of women, wilderness and wild animals.

What do you refuel with post workout?
I wouldn’t consider myself to be training for anything now but more urging myself to become more fit. This means longer runs and workouts, good food, and good sleep! I usually refuel with a fresh berry and protein smoothie.

Thanks, Christine!

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