Finish Line Friday: Adventure!

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Our goal is to help inspire you to keep going, train harder, dig a little deeper and cross the finish line. For this week’s FLF, Juli will be sharing her personal sources of inspiration.


Current Position: Product Knowledge Coordinator

Favorite Part of the Job: The people I get to work with everyday. I am surrounded by quality people, both in work ethic and in life. I also love geeking out about products and learning all of the little nuances so I can pass it on to our stellar customer service team. It’s so rewarding to hear positive feedback from customers who receive great product recommendations which allow them to enjoy running to the fullest.

Running Background: I started running in college when my roommate signed me up for my first marathon. It took me forever, but I had a blast. After that I was hooked! I ran lots of marathons during college just because I loved always having another goal to work toward. After a little while, I decided I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon and run the race just to see what all the hype was about. I completed Boston in 2013 and learned a lot about what it’s like to grieve for others losses, and the weight of the blessings that I take for granted. No one ever expects to be in a situation like that, and it’s such a good reminder that life is temporary and we need to make the most of every moment. It also reminded me why I love to run, and the incredible community that we have as runners.

Another defining running moment for me happened a couple of years ago when I decided to shake things up a bit and sign up for a 50 miler. I started running on trails, and I never looked back. Now I love running trails, as much as I can and wherever I can. There’s nothing like the peace and quiet of a trail run, but also the terrific challenge of trails keeps things interesting. I look for new places and adventure anywhere I haven’t run before.


Shadow of the Giants race last June

What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from a number of different places. Simply being able to run outside, and in such a beautiful place as San Luis Obispo, is inspirational enough. Often if I feel like hitting snooze, I just think about watching the sun rise from the top of a hill while surrounded by silence and nature, and it is enough to make me jump out of bed. It’s where I spend some of my best time, either with friends or in solitude. I tend to thrive when I get more of this quality time.

Another thing that always gets me so excited to run is simply for the adventure. I LOVE going new places, even if it’s just a short trail I’ve never run on, or making my own trail if there isn’t one where I think there should be. There is so much out there to explore! Mountains are beautiful to look at, but it’s so much better to be right there in it, jumping over the rocks, dodging low branches, and feeling the strain of pushing yourself up the next hill and the thrill of tackling a fast downhill.

hwGIsEVHHfwbHRVoOgHrwuVb8HSgl6rz26Cfi8fbbOdIei5nz3XCuEr5qBgwbi4yGshwb0dp1dvxQY2ONf1wpMlZBqa1_3tbsmZNCHen7qBN06Bfq9dGSWHMGqAPautyY_UCGUbKrUJ6tQ77BW9KfSwEgeY6Y4ZD2sRuvfVZroo7DfRnXo8UXS_Mun5nGtpoKzO1wRSpM2uzJBpUhwGNq7-wNIgkcUwgGFg-Lastly, I am surrounded by inspirational relationships, which push me to be my best in life and in running. God gave me my ability to run and my love for being outside, so He is truly my main source of inspiration. Beyond that, I’m blessed with family and dear friends who inspire me to be my best and push me when I need a little encouragement. They support me in so many of my running endeavors, and I do not take their support lightly. They sacrifice their time to be with me at races, refilling my hydration pack, asking how I’m feeling, and congratulating me when I’m done. They also put up with my crazy training regime, which frequently leaves me pretty tired by the end of the day. In reality, their support allows me to continue to run and to be the best trail runner, and human, that I can be.

What are you training for right now?
I’ve been training for Lake Sonoma 50, which is tomorrow! The next race I have scheduled is The Rut 50k, and we’ll see what happens before that.

What do you refuel with post workout?
I usually take some sort of recovery beverage immediately after longer runs, usually Recoverite or Osmo for Women. Then I try to find bacon as soon as possible, and I wouldn’t mind it if a smoothie and maybe even a pancake happened to appear for my consumption.

Thanks, Juli!

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