What Does Your Running Route Say About You?

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Your go-to route may provide some deep insight into your psyche.

So apparently I’m a control freak.

At least that’s what my go-to running route says about me. I guess it kind of makes sense, as I do tend to like things the way I want and if I had a list of enemies, the unknown would be right near the top, maybe right behind those drivers who give you, like, absolutely no space while flying past you at 50+ miles per hour.

Or maybe I just like my go-to route because it’s a simple out-and-back to the local community college on a fairly flat, less-travelled, open road. And I can choose to turn around whenever I feel like it. Basically all the conditions are set for me to have at least a decent run. Oh wait, does that make me a control freak?

Us runners are typically an inventive bunch, coming up with new routes to avoid monotony when piling on high mileage training weeks. If you’re like most though, chances are you have a certain route to fall back on for those more unimaginative days, a reliable old pal that will stand there by your side no matter what.

Turns out, your go-to route can say a lot about your personality, at least according to this article in Outside Magazine.

Are you a glutton, a goal setter, or an escapist? This could all be revealed by a look at your go-to run.

There’s a good amount of truth to it, and it might leave you searching your soul to see if it actually does apply to you. If anything, it’s a fun read, and probably not one to be taken too seriously. Unless you have a thing for out-and-backs, you control freak.

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