Top 5 Running Trend Predictions for 2013

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In honor of the New Year, we dusted off the Running Warehouse crystal ball and carefully crafted our top five predictions for running trends this year. Did we mention that the crystal ball has a big crack down the middle, thanks to someone in our warehouse stacking a whole pallet of GT-2000’s on top of it? That shouldn’t matter, right?

5. Those Crazy Kids

Our intuition tells us that pre-teens across the nation will continue to yell, “Run, Forrest, run!” at passing runners. Runners will likely continue to respond with the first-time-I’ve-heard-that-one eye roll and continue on their way. We think we’re going to start responding with a dramatized, “Lieutenant Dan! You got new legs!”

4. V Is for Velcro

Laces are sooooo 2012. This year, shoe manufacturers will finally give us the fastening option we really want on our performance running shoes: Velcro. Your great grandfather’s taupe-colored walkers will have nothing on you. Imagine the looks on the faces of your competitors as you blaze past in your laceless wonders.

3. Intergalactic Inspiration

The past several seasons of technical apparel have been a taste-the-rainbow color experience, but we’re looking for a twist in the coming year. What do we predict? Star Trek inspired run apparel, great for the runner who wants to transition easily from a workout to the bridge of the Enterprise (or the ticket gates of Comic-Con). Run long and prosper, anyone?

2. Moon Shoes

Nike will take its Lunar collection a step further by locating a manufacturing facility on the surface of the moon to take advantage of its near-vacuum atmosphere. “The new LunarUltra model will be priced at $230,000,” a spokesperson for Nike will add. The shoe will sell out within 10 minutes of its official launch.

1. Tread Lightly

If you love getting a workout from running on the treadmill in the gym, but wish there was a way to run outside, you’re in luck! We see the Treadmill Bike as the future of running. Now you can run and enjoy the great outdoors. If you already own one of these majestic machines…well, let’s just say you’re ahead of the curve. Yeah, that’s it.

Alright… we kid, we kid. But we will be bringing you some serious predictions for the running world of 2013, so stay tuned! Do you have any predictions for 2013, silly or serious?

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