These Colors Do Run

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The Color Run

The Color Run

Summer is on its way, and we’re ready for some lighthearted fun. That’s why we were so stoked when we found The Color Run. At 31 different locations around the States, runners will gather for an energy-packed, 3.1 mile taste-the-rainbow sweat session. Young, old, fast, slow… it doesn’t matter for this race! The only requirements for the 5k are a white tee shirt at the starting line and complete color mania at the finish line.

So how does this thing work, exactly? At each kilometer marker, race volunteers, sponsors and staff toss powder at participants in a different bold color, transforming your white tee into an art piece. Kilometer number one is yellow, two is blue, three is green, four is pink, and the finish line is a glorious jubilee of color. Judging by the photo gallery from previous races, this event is a must for anyone who loves fun, running and being outside. Check out race locations and dates to find an event near hue…oh sorry, you.

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