Saucony’s Running Philosophy

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Let’s face it, there are a lot of running brands out there. They make shoes that cover your feet and provide cushioning of various levels. Most of them roll out some apparel and a few accessories too. But what gives a brand its unique identity? Why does it exist?

These are some of the tough questions for any brand. Saucony answers with the 6 key philosophies you see above. We’re not here to trumpet marketing speak from corporations, but we think these core ideas genuinely speak to the brand’s dedication to the running community. More importantly, we hope they’ll ensure that Saucony continues to build excellent running product.

What do you think of these core principles for the Saucony brand?

Find Your Strong – If you’ve paid any attention at all to Saucony’s branding over the past year, you know that this is their core message. The brand wants to help runners strengthen their skills, bodies and connections to the running community.

Light Is Right – Over the years, Saucony has consistently cut weight across its line, and has led the way in the lightweight category with models like the Kinvara and Virrata.

Fluid Transitions – A more flexible shoe creates a smoother transition from foot strike through toe off. Certainly no argument from us on that one.

Fit for the Run – Saucony’s goal is to build shoes and apparel that move with the body while on the run. Sure beats a closet full of stiff, super-chafey gear.

Engineered Stability – Runners who need support can get it through Saucony’s stability shoes, without sacrificing cushioning and flexibility.

Geometry Matters – Saucony offers shoe offsets at 0mm, 4mm and 8mm so runners can choose the geometry that works best for them.

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