Running with a Runny Nose

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Image: Salomon, Emma Frost

The English language is straight up confusing at times. Words can mean so many different things. And no, I’m not talking about that text message you got from your bf that you’ve been over-analyzing all morning. I’m talking about words that we use in our everyday lives that have completely different meanings given the context. The word run, for example.

I’m running late. I’m going for a run. My nose is runny and I have the runs. Please run my credit card, and don’t run your mouth. The thought of getting a run in my nylons ran through my mind and I hoped my mascara wasn’t running. We’ll get back to the main topic of this blog, I just thought I’d run that by you first.

sneezy_sneezingSome might say it’s baseball season, wedding season, or marathon season when asked what time of year it is. But to those of us with seasonal allergies, these other “seasons” mean nothing at all. It’s allergy season, first and foremost, and I could care less about anything else when my allergies flare up. Alas, these are the days when allergies seem to run our life. (See, that word run again!) But here’s the good news: they don’t have to.

Here are four basic choices for the allergic runner, fighting the good fight. Don’t let your runny nose win, friends! Let’s take back our daily run.


That’s what sleeves are for, right?! And who really cares if you have snot globs on your running shirt cuffs. It will wash out, and you’re just that hardcore. Honeybadger don’t give a…

Snot Rocket.

If you’ve mastered the snot rocket, I take my hat off to you, sir. It is an art, really, and something I haven’t yet got the hang of. Practice makes perfect though, so I’ll just have to keep trying. Preferably when no one is watching.

Bring Tissue.

Thankfully, a lot of running apparel pieces come with some form of storage pocket. Jamming a few tissues in before your run may not be the easiest solution, but at least it’s something. And for those of us who can’t stand the idea of less sanitary options, it works. Just don’t litter afterwards, please!

Turn Back.

If none of these options jive with you, you should see an allergist to figure out how to best combat this pesky condition. It really is miserable to live with, and when it begins to affect your daily life, you should figure out a solution, not just little remedies for your symptoms. It also helps to plan to run at times of day when your allergies seem to be less active, and keep an eye on the pollen forecast too.

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