Randy’s Race Recap

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Last weekend, RW accessory buyer Randy ran in our hometown race, the City to the Sea Half Marathon. We profiled Randy a couple weeks ago, and we had a chance to catch up with him post-race and get the inside scoop on how it went.

Overall, how was the race? Did you meet your goals?

A: The race went well and I did meet my goals!  I ran 1:43:50, so I beat my time goal of 1:45. More importantly, I felt good the entire time and had a lot of fun!

What was the hardest/most challenging part of the race?

A: Going in, I thought the most challenging part was going to be keeping the adrenaline under control at the beginning of the race, but that actually wasn’t the case. Mile #1 was actually my slowest since my body was still waking up (I’m definitely not an early morning runner).

The toughest part of the race was a ½ mile stretch at mile 9 that was slightly uphill. Since this is our hometown race, I knew the course, but I definitely underestimated that section. It was a mental challenge to keep the pace slow and conserve energy. I was able to keep a cool head and have the energy to pick up the pace during the last 3.5 miles.

Were you happy with your training leading up to the race? Do you feel like you were prepared?

A: Overall I was happy with my training and looking back, I do feel like I was well-prepared to meet my goals. Before the race I questioned if I should have done more up-tempo work, but my IT band was bothering me the last month of my training. I was sick 2 weeks before the race, so I wasn’t able to train, but that gave my IT band time to rest and heal up before race day.

Any future races planned?

A: Nothing planned right now, but I’ve had fun running on the trails. I’m thinking I’ll be looking for a fun, mellow trail race to jump into sometime in the near future.

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