Race of the Month: Run to Win America

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U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

It’s kinda hard to believe that we have the scoop on Stephen Colbert, but we’ve found a race that will raise the flag of any genuine America-lover. We’re talking, of course, about the Run to Win America.

This ain’t your ordinary 5K. No, the reputation of the entire state in which you live is at stake. See, the Run to Win America is pitting all 50 states against each other (so much for the “United” part of United States) to see which state is the “fastest.”

As it says on the Run to Win America website, this race is “an experience and event that captures what America was founded on and what has made America the greatest nation in the world.” Who knew you could capture all in a 3.1 mile run? But here’s one thing that we can all agree does make America great: a national fascination with overblown generalizations and unchecked hyperbole.

In all seriousness, America does have many things to be proud of as a nation, one of which is the enormous amount of charitable giving to other countries each year. So it makes sense that a portion of proceeds from the Run to Win America series will be donated to Project Hope Worldwide, an organization devoted to improving the lives of orphans in developing nations.

Races will be taking place in all 50 states (though Arizona, Texas and Kentucky have already been run). Seven more states will have races before April is through.

If you’re really red, white and blue enough, head over to runtowinamerica.com and register today.

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