National Running Day: 10 Reasons We Run

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Happy National Running Day, run family! What a great day to celebrate being a runner, and all the things we love about running.

1. Community. The nod, wave, smile, or even quick “hello!” that passing runners exchange… It’s like we all belong to this secret club. It’s an instant connection that bonds fellow runners together. Group runs become social events, races become celebrations, and our Instagram feed is full of run selfies with our running friends.

2. That runner’s high. Not everyone experiences that high feeling, but when and if you do, you’ll know. And you’ll want to get that feeling again, and again, and again…

3. Cool gear. Cool shoes, cool apparel, cool accessories… shopping for running gear is fun, and everything is so practical that it makes it easy to rationalize a spending spree.

4. The exhausted-happy feeling after a long run. Everything in our body is tired, but our soul is refreshed.

5. Physical benefits. The fitness benefits of running have changed lives. It’s good for heart health, bone strength, metabolism, weight, and helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6. Being outdoors. Especially for those of us that spend most of our waking hours indoors working at a desk, running is a wonderful daily excuse to break free and get some fresh air. Not to mention all the beautiful vistas that our runs afford us.

7. Bragging rights. Because in the time that our non-running friends are sleeping in on Saturday, we’re out on the trails getting in our long run. We work hard to earn these bragging rights.

8. Races. From fun runs to ultramarathons and everything in between, races are wonderful events to celebrate everything about being a runner. The competition, the camaraderie, and a healthy lifestyle.

9. Time alone. Unless we’re running with a group, we’re running solo, and the time alone with our thoughts is so valuable. “Me” time seems to become harder to come by as life gets busier as the years pass, so a morning run is a brainstorming party and therapy session wrapped into one.

10. The addiction. Never did we ever think we would embrace an addiction like we do this running habit. This isn’t denial, though. We just don’t ever want to quit. No 10 step program for us, thank you very much.

What would you add to this list?

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