Juli’s Race Recap

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Last Saturday, RW employee Juli completed her first 50 miler. We profiled Juli last week, and now we’re delighted to follow up with her to get her post-race feedback and thoughts after a spectacular 10 hour and 2 minute finish. Congrats Juli on a great race!

Did you meet your goals?

A: Yes, I did. I was mostly just looking forward to the challenge and trying something new. The elevation made the race very challenging. I’m glad I chose this race, although it was a difficult one for my first 50M. Now I know a bit more what to expect for future races.

Are you running again yet?

A: I took a few days off and I’m ready to hit the trails tonight or tomorrow. I’m actually surprised that I’m not more worn out – but I’m not complaining!

What foods, if any, did you crave while out on the trail?

A: Oddly enough, I found that potato chips were amazing! I had eaten some pretzels at the beginning of the race, but when it warmed up I didn’t want anything that dry, so I stuck with the chips. Also, I would have killed for a corn dog at mile 42! I know, weird.

How many times did you throw up?

A: NONE! Go me! (But don’t ask me if I wanted to towards the end…)

What did you learn for your next 50 miler?

A: I learned a lot! I learned how my body reacts and what it needs after exercising for that amount of time. After a while, I couldn’t stomach much (liquid, gel or solid) so I didn’t consume as many calories as I would have liked. I think that contributed to my fatigue on some of the last hills. Next time I would focus on eating more solid foods at the beginning so that my stomach could handle more gels toward the end.

Even though I was a bit nervous, I think that you may never be fully mentally prepared for your first race at a new distance. I could definitely have practiced hills more, but that’s probably always going to be true. I also learned that it’s not necessarily the 10,000 feet of elevation gain that hurts, it’s just as much the 10,000 of descending that will get you! Overall, there’s not much that I would do differently, though.

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