“I Run Because…” Campaign | Share Your Stories With Us

There are so many reasons to run. Each runner has a story to tell, as our lives each take different paths (literally and figuratively). Our experience as humans is as beautiful as it is unique, and runners are united under this passion we share. With so many inspirational running stories, how could we not want to hear yours?

So, why do you run? We polled our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers a while back and found an ocean of inspiration. The emotional stories that were shared caused us to think… what if we could take these stories and share images to inspire other runners? And just like that, the “I Run Because” campaign was born.

Each month, we will go through entries and pick our favorite entry from your  “I Run Because” stories. The winner will receive a RW Swag Bag as a prize. So what do we need from you?

  • Include your name, where you’re from and your email address (only used to contact you).
  • Tell us the reason you run (in “I run because…” format), and share your story.
  • A photo of you running that embodies your reason for running.



For more contest details, visit the FAQ page.

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