Global Running Day

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A run can be such a personal experience: the rhythm of my breaths syncing perfectly with reflections from my life. Those first jarring steps amplify the stressors of my environment, the reasons the run is so necessary to begin with. As my blood catches up to my muscles’ fury of activity, these movements become lubricated. My worries fade away with the beat of my feet against the Earth – it feels right. I become content, grateful for my many gifts, in control of my life from a higher level. Nothing can stop me.

But I’m not alone. Every day, many millions of people take those same jarring steps. They do so with the knowledge that it will get better, and then everything will be better.

On June 1st, we will celebrate Global Running Day. On this day, let’s close our eyes and move our daily run around the world. Turn the run through the park to a run along the River Seine, our neighborhood loop into a journey up the Inca Trail, a fartlek with the world’s best in the Rift Valley, or an excursion dodging rickshaws in Mumbai. Lets appreciate how big, yet how small our world of runners really is.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to experience some surreal moments through my running, hardly any as fulfilling as a finish line buzzing with dozen different languages, all speaking the same words; people with infinitely different stories, but the same pathway to the destination.

Pledge to run with me on June 1st, and help us reach our goal of one million more kids starting on the same path.

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