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Juli is a big part of our Customer Service team. If you’ve called or emailed us recently, there’s a good chance that Juli took good care of you. In addition to being an RW employee extraordinaire, Juli is also getting more and more into ultrarunning. In fact, less than 24 hours from now, she’ll start ticking off mileage in her next big race.

Update! Juli finished her 50 mile race on Saturday in 10 hours and 2 minutes. Awesome job and we look forward to hearing more race stories when she’s back at work tomorrow!

We checked in with Juli earlier this week and here’s what she had to say:

What’s the race you’re training for?
A: It’s the Headlands Marathon, 50 & 100. I’m doing the 50 mile race.

What are your goals going into this ultra?
A: I just want to finish! I honestly don’t have a time goal; this is my first 50 miler, so I have very little expectation. This race is pretty hilly, so I just hope to finish and have a great time. It’s so beautiful out there, the views should make the hills more fun.

What has your training regimen looked like?
A: I’m usually in marathon shape, so its a decent place to start. My last marathon was Boston, in April, and I just started working up from there. I’ve run two 50K’s in training and done several back-to-back long runs, with 3-5 hours one day then 4 or so hours the next. I’ve tried to focus on integrating as many hills as possible into my runs.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or meals that are a must?
A: Not really. I try to increase my caloric intake prior to a race, and make sure to hydrate well beforehand. I mostly just do my best to eat and sleep and pray that all goes well! It may not necessarily be a ritual, but I have embraced my addiction to running gear and acknowledged that stocking up on gear always makes me feel more prepared. This time I bought The North Face Better than Naked Short Sleeve and I’m pretty excited to wear it at the race. Also, I make sure I pack everything I’ll need before, after and during the race a couple of days ahead of time. Although, that’s less a ritual than just plain common sense!

Check back Monday for an update on how Juli did! We wish her good luck and a great race!

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