Couples that Run Together Stay Together

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Couples who run together stay together. Yes, I know, that’s a loaded statement, but it’s actually kind of true! Couples who run together are much more likely to do other activities together, and that can work wonders for the health and happiness of just about any relationship. Whether this so-called “couple” happens to be you and your dog, you and your best friend, you and a family member… participating in activities like running together creates a healthier atmosphere. Let’s look into a few of the many benefits:

You’re spending quality time together.

Bottom line, the health of a relationship comes from spending time together doing things. Doing something that is mutually enjoyable for a mere hour everyday, or even every other day, helps cultivate a stronger relationship. Getting out and logging some miles gives you time to catch up and simply be together. If you run at different paces, then consider biking while one runs and vice versa.

You’re making positive memories together.

Running not only gives you memories of cool places, but also amps up your endorphins. A rush of endorphins = happy memories with the one(s) that you love. Doing what you love and loving what you do while doing it with a loved one… well that’s quite possibly perfection.

You’re sharing a common interest.

We connect with people who are similar, and if those similarities happen to involve running, then you’re probably like me in thinking: “it’s something about runners”. Nope, it’s that you both enjoy the same activities! In relationships, we often sacrifice the activities that bring us happiness to spend time with our loved ones, but if you happen to be in a relationship with a runner… boom. No more guilt ridden runs when you feel like you should be spending quality time together. Just run together!

You’re achieving your fitness goals.

Setting personal goals for yourself can be hard, but having the support of your best friend can be that extra push to get you to where you want to be. Whether your goals are race based, fitness based, or mileage based, having your own personal cheerleader can be a powerful tool.

Although running isn’t the sole reason for an incredible relationship, the fact that you are hammering out some miles and having fun together goes to show that doing fun activities together is hugely beneficial for your relationship – now, and later.

Happy Valentine’s Week to you and your special someone!

Sierra balances an overflowing schedule of work, college, and running, and can relate to any 20-something who’s trying to figure out life. Her running is her kind of self-care – and also the small amount of time that she gets to spend with herself every day, coming before all else (except her dog, Butters).

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