Congratulations to Meb and Bob

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Meb Keflezighi has undoubtedly been stuck in the middle of a whirlwind of cameras and microphones for the past seven days – a whirlwind that is likely to continue for weeks to come. This is one of the side effects of winning the Boston Marathon and while this storm may carry more fury than others that Meb has experienced, he will enjoy every minute of it. He is happy not only to grow his own brand but to give attention to the sport that has woven its way into every facet of his life.

Meb’s coach, Bob Larsen has probably found a quieter corner of the earth to write in one of his countless black journals. These journals document everything from the Subway sandwich that Meb ate before his American 10k record in 2001 to the 2014 UCLA football schedule. Bob is already asking the question: what is going to carry us down Boylston Street in 2015? The answer is in those black books, 20 years of them. Who knows what April 20th’s entry will say, but between now and next April, there will undoubtedly be everything from tempo runs to snowstorms.

A lot will be made of Meb’s ability to use the energy surrounding this particular Boston Marathon to fuel him to the tape. He absolutely made the most of the moment and brought an entire country along with him. It certainly took some talent to do what he did – the talent of a former high school and college champion. More than anything however, it was 20 years of waking up every morning ready to perfect his craft that made him ready to seize the moment when it came, and Bob has been with him through it all.

We can all learn something from this. Champions are not made overnight and while most of us will never be as good at anything as Meb is at running – getting up and getting out the door every day will lead to great things for us all.

Not everyone will spend an entire career under the same framework, nor should they. Mo Farah, who famously switched coaches to work with Alberto Salazar in 2011, is a great example of someone who needed a change and reaped the benefits. Meb’s ability to stay so loyal to his coach and believe in the process that Bob put in place for so long is cause for celebration in itself.

So while we celebrate the first American victory at the Boston Marathon since 1985 in a year that couldn’t be more appropriate – let’s also celebrate getting out the door to go for a run every day for the better part of a lifetime without knowing where exactly it will take us.

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