Breaking Up with Your Old Running Shoes

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Breaking up is hard. Sometimes it takes you by complete surprise, while in other instances it has been a long time coming. A huge part of your life is now forever changed, and it shakes you to the core.

I’m talking about running shoes, of course. And I can talk from personal experience, because I just went through a grueling breakup with my beloved Mizuno Wave Ascends. I mean, I really didn’t want to let go. So much so that I am still suffering from a calf strain that won’t quit because I continued to run in those haggard shoes until I literally could not.

So to help prevent you from going through such pain (emotional and physical), let’s talk it out together with the 7 stages of grieving a breakup (as it relates to running shoes, of course!).


1. Desperation. Why oh why would my favorite running shoes suddenly hurt me like this? We’ve been through so much together. I just don’t understand how this could happen. This just can’t be real. I would do anything to know why this is happening.

old_mizunos_32. Denial. My shoes are fine. They’ve worked so well for the past year. They wouldn’t just stop working! It can’t be true.

3. Bargaining. I’m going to clean up these trusty shoes and be a better runner. I’ll pay more attention to how I run. It’s probably my fault, after all, that my shoes are now making my feet hurt. I must be running sloppily.

4. Relapse. I’ll try running in my old shoes again. I’m sure this time will be different! Every shoe deserves a second chance, right?

5. Anger. Okay, wow. What the heck, man! I gave you a second chance and you shoved it in my face. You created this horrible pain, you no longer support me, and you barely even resemble the shoes that I was once so in love with. I can now see clearly – it’s not me, it’s YOU.

6. Acceptance. I have to let go. I will move on. I am going to be fine. I can’t fix my old shoes. It’s not my job to fix them. We had our fun in the sun, and now it is time accept that we are no longer partners in life.

7. Hope. What do they say about the best way to get over a broken heart? Sounds like a perfect time to go shoe shopping! Finding a new shoe to fall in love with is exactly what I need. It’s out there! I just need to know where to look. Oh heyyy, Running Warehouse!


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