Boston in Our Hearts

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As runners, we are all familiar with injury, pain, and heartbreak. And today, our pain runs deeper than ever before. Still, we know that runners are some of the toughest people out there, and we know that the people of Boston, the marathon, and runners worldwide will come back even stronger.

Two of our own staff members ran Boston yesterday. We are grateful that they are safe. Others were not so fortunate, and we grieve deeply for them.

We encourage all of our readers to give support and assistance where they can. The immediate focus is of course on the Boston community and those directly affected by the violence. Runner’s World has compiled a list of help and support you can offer for Boston.

We also encourage every runner to find ways in local communities to make a difference. This tragedy reminds us how precious life is. Plan a run with your kids, your spouse, or a good friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Connect with a run club in your area. Schedule time at a school near you to talk about the lifelong joy that running can provide. It is up to each of us to make a positive difference.

As always, Running Warehouse remains wholeheartedly devoted to the running community. We are actively seeking ways that we can best contribute to the aid, healing and care of those affected. UPDATE: We’ve partnered with Hoka Running and the Plus 3 charity network to contribute up to $9,000 to One Fund Boston, the official charity set up to help people affected by the tragedy. Sign up here to turn your miles into dollars for this worthy cause.

Runners will of course race again, and we will all again share in the joy of competition. Our friends and loved ones will support us and cheer us on. We will come together and fight that much harder to be our best selves and to be the inspiration in others. We will run.

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