ASICS Aggies Send Athletes to Olympic Trials

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Coach Joe Rubio on bike, Sean, Scott, Chris, and Phil

Scott Bauhs, Marketing Directer here at Running Warehouse, lent us his perspective on his fellow Aggies and their quest for Olympic qualifying times in this weekend’s Marathon Trials in Los Angeles.

The ASICS Aggies will celebrate their 40th birthday in 2016. The team, founded by a crew of UC Davis track alumni in the 70s, has seen hundreds of athletes racing under the winged plow.

The team has had many memorable athletes and performances in open and masters ranks alike. From Mark Conover’s Olympic Trials Marathon win in 1988, to Jamie Harris’ surprise 1500 victory at the USA track championships 1999, to 2010 when Sergio Reyes won the USA Marathon Championships. In between these major wins, the crew has been sending Aggies to compete in high profile races every year, with an entourage of teammates to make sure those athletes are fully supported with post-race beer and shenanigans.

2016 might herald the most talented team that the Aggies have had through their robust history, and the Olympic Marathon trials on Saturday February 13th will be our first big test.


Scott, Chris, Phil, and Sean

The core of Aggie runners is based in Running Warehouse’s home, San Luis Obispo. When the time comes to clock out from our day jobs, we go to work chipping away at each other in practice, fine-tuning a group that is enthusiastic to take on 26 miles of pavement.

Phil Reid, a California mile champion in high school, is the leader of the local crew. He has been running up and down the streets, track, and trails of San Luis Obispo for over a decade now. His All American runs at Cal Poly were some of the best races ever for a Mustang, and his training and racing since has taken him throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Sean Davidson and Chris Frias are two Mustangs hoping to follow in Phil’s footsteps. After respectable careers in the Poly jersey, Sean a Big West Conference 10,000m champion and Chris the Cal Poly record holder for 10,000m, have been testing each other’s mettle since they arrived to Cal Poly in 2009. Qualifying to participate in the Olympic Trails is a huge step toward a lengthy post collegiate career racing wherever their legs may take them.

I came to San Luis Obispo with an impressive resume of running accomplishments, along with a healthy share of rust to break through before I could take on the country’s best. Over the past two years, I’ve slowly regained the form and poise that I once took to the start line. With a berth earned to the World Half Marathon championships in March through my recent 1:02:23 win at the Rock n Roll Arizona Half Marathon (my first world championship qualification in 5 years), I’m excited to try to earn myself another trip abroad this weekend. Rio sounds nice.

A video summarizing our efforts can be seen here:

We will be joined by fellow Aggies; Sergio Reyes, Anthony Solis, Jenny Kadavy, and Liza Reichart. Sergio, is by far the most accomplished of our friends outside of San Luis Obispo, with a prolific resume of distance running to complement his USA marathon championship. Our training partner, Jamison Mora, unfortunately will be staying home despite qualifying due to injury. With 9 qualified athletes, we are proud to be the ASICS Aggies, carrying on a tradition of fast and fun runners in to 2016!

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