10 Signs You are a Runner

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You know you’re a runner if:

1. Your running clothes are always ready the night before. You might not know what outfit you’re wearing to work tomorrow, but you have your running outfit dialed. Neatly set out next to your running shoes, moisture-wicking socks, and your fully charged iPod.

2. You know the weather. You check the weather forecast more than you check Facebook. Chance of rain!? Refresh, refresh, refresh…

close_up_clock3. Your social life has new hours. Your friends no longer ask to hang out after dinner because they know you no longer stay up late. Being well rested for you run tomorrow morning has become more important than a late night beer on the town.

4. Your laundry day has different priorities. The most frequent loads of laundry you do are your running clothes. Because you know you can get a few more days out of that work shirt but you need fresh running clothes on the daily.

5. You wear running clothes even when you’re not running. And with such fashionable options these days, it’s not that big of a deal. Heck, plenty of people who don’t run at ALL wear running clothes casually.

6. Your car is your locker. With an extra pair of running shoes and a wide array of running clothes and socks, you’re always prepared for a spontaneous run.

7. You spend money differently. A shopping spree consists of running shoes and moisture-wicking apparel. You might complain about paying for a $10 movie ticket (it will be out on Redbox soon anyways, right?) but drop $80 no questions asked when signing up for a race. Priorities, man!

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 4.10.59 PM8. You see food as fuel. And running on an empty tank or a tank filled with junk is not an option. Suddenly you are eating more healthy and your Pinterest board is full of runner-friendly recipes.

9. You don’t wear sandals much. You’ve given up on having pretty feet. Pedicures last less than 24 hours, so why even bother anymore? Cracked, bruised, failing toe nails are not unusual, and you only wear flip flops when absolutely necessary. No one wants to see that.

10. You constantly drink water. You drink so much water that it’s getting awkward how often you take bathroom breaks at work. But who cares, you’re hydrated!

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