7 Reasons to Love Summer Running

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Just in case you weren’t already convinced that summer is one of the best seasons for running, I’ll give you 7 good reasons:

1. Good weather. For most of the U.S., summer is a prime running season. This is ideal for training for the fall race season ahead!

2. Bright colors. Nothing is off limits. Crazy fun prints, vibrant shades, and bright colors all encourage you to stand out as you get your run on.

let_running_be_your_excuse3. Destination running. If you’re vacationing somewhere beautiful, there is no better way to explore the scenery than to run through it.

4. Long daylight hours. Here in Cali, it’s bright out by 5:30am and stays light until 9pm. That’s a lot of hours available for running without the dangers of darkness.

5. Minimal apparel. Hotter temps summon a season of split shorts, crop tops, sports bras, and booty shorts. Ditch those pesky layers that have been weighing you down. Yes, please!

6. Accessories. Hats, visors, sunglasses, sweatbands… and there are some darn stylish options out there.

7. Post-run swim. Does your run conveniently end near a lake/beach/pool? Pretty sure one of the best ways to end a sweaty run is with this ultimate cool down. Jump right in!

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