7 Benefits of Self-Massage

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More and more runners are discovering the benefits of self-massage. Targeted massage of the hamstrings, quads, calves, soles of the feet and other sore spots can help you as you train for that next big race and recover from race-day strains and stresses.

Self-massage offers the obvious benefits of easing muscle tension and releasing knots, but there are many more reasons why so many serious athletes make self-massage an essential part of their workouts. It really is for everyone, not just runners who are injury-prone or coming back from an injury.

7 Big Benefits

    1. Improved Performance: Massage can increase muscle tone and improve stamina.
    2. Faster Recovery Between Workouts: Recover faster and build strength quickly by helping your muscles eliminate waste.
    3. Fewer Injuries: Massage can improve muscle flexibility, making injury less likely.
    4. More Comfort: Enhanced post-run massage recovery means you feel more comfortable the rest of your day.
    5. Better Rest: The relaxation that often accompanies self-massage can help you sleep more sound.
    6. Improved Health: Clinical tests show that massage can strengthen the immune system.
    7. Better Mood: Massage can reduce the harmful effects of stress, anxiety and depression.

      OK, so self-massage is pretty awesome. Ready to get started with your own DIY massage regimen? Here are a few products worth considering:

      • Moji: Trust the steel massage spheres in the Moji 360 and Moji 360 Palm for a dynamic massage experience. The rolling spheres let you work in a circular motion to enhance comfort during massage compared to static pressure techniques. Both devices are available in an affordable package as the Moji 360 Ultimate Bundle.
      • Marathon Stick: A trusted pre- and post-run companion, the Marathon Stick is used for compressing and stretching muscles, tendons and other soft tissue in the lower leg. Use the Marathon Stick to relive muscle pain, improve strength, or prepare your muscles for physical activity. For the benefits of the Marathon Stick when you’re on the go, keep the Travel Stick in your gym bag when you travel.
      • Trigger Point Kits: Get targeted massage with the Trigger Point Hip and Lower Back Kit or Foot and Lower Leg Kit. Or, choose one of the company‚Äôs Ultimate Six Kits, which help you maximize your run performance by targeting 6 key areas of the body.

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