25 Running Thank-You’s

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When a run feels good, it’s easy to find a whole world of things to be thankful for. But when every part of your body is telling you to stop and just enjoy a nice evening on the couch, being thankful is a little more difficult. In the spirit of the season, we created a list of things that we like to remind ourselves to be thankful for on those days when running just isn’t going our way. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you, legs, for taking me so many wonderful places.

Thank you, family, for being understanding of my training schedule.

Thank you, Department of Parks and Recreation, for preserving this beautiful trail.

Thank you, running shoe designers, for developing footwear that feels fantastic on every stride.

Thank you, running apparel designers, for creating clothes that let me run comfortably and stylishly.

Thank you, running accessory designers, for creating products that let me run for however long I choose.

Thank you, running partner who prefers slower paces, for encouraging me to take in the view.

Thank you, running partner who prefers faster paces, for hours of pain and days of pride.

Thank you, green light, for letting me continue my run.

Thank you, red light, for giving me a 30 second break.

Thank you, curb, for providing the perfect calf stretch.

Thank you, drinking fountain, for alleviating my Saharan thirst.

Thank you, casual pedestrian, for making me feel ridiculously fast.

Thank you, portable toilet, for saving me from unspeakable horrors.

Thank you, friendly dog on the leash, for giving me an excuse to stop and catch my breath.

Thank you, scary dog off the leash, for helping me get in my speed training.

Thank you, light breeze, for cooling me down on a hot day.

Thank you, heavy wind, for making half of my run feel effortless.

Thank you, summer sun, for these sweet tan lines.

Thank you, rainy day, for the free shower and for a reason to drink hot chocolate as a recovery beverage.

Thank you, flooded trail, for letting me play in the mud in a socially acceptable manner.

Thank you, sprained calf muscle, for teaching me that balance is important and igniting my passion for macramé.

Thank you, healed calf muscle, for reminding me that one macramé owl is enough.

Thank you, friends who don’t enjoy running, for telling me I’m a superhero when you really think I’m insane.

Thank you, friends who enjoy running, for sharing the straightjacket.

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