2012 Top Running Trends – Personal Coaching

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Consider a Coach in 2012

Certainly, coaching has been around for centuries. And probably every one of you has had a coach or two along the way who has inspired you to perform better and try harder. So what’s so special about coaching in 2012?

Well, coaching has been getting a fresh look in recent years, as more runners in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond turn to a personal coach for guidance on topics such as improved running form, race strategy and injury prevention. You can partner with a coach longer-term, or use coaching resources to help you do better with a specific goal.

If you’re looking to get in better shape this year or shave time off your next race, a coach can certainly help. A good coach can get you closer to that new PR, and can provide motivation for more casual runners who want to get deeper in the sport. They’ll help you develop a personal training plan and follow through with regular feedback about your performance.

OK, So I Need a Coach. What’s the Next Step?

There are many ways to find a coach. If you’re part of a running club or group, ask around to see if any of the other members have had a personal coach and get their feedback on that coach’s strengths and weaknesses. You can also go online to find a coach. One helpful site is the Road Runner’s Club of America, which offers a Find a Coach service, though there are several other coach locators on the Web as well. The service from RRCA is particularly nice because every coach it lists has completed a certification program

If you’re looking for educational resources to supplement the coaching you receive, be sure to check out our selection of Running DVDs that can help you improve your strength and your race times.

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