2012 Top Running Trends – Crazy Races

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Apparently, some of you out there thought that running 26.2 miles in a row wasn’t enough of a challenge, or at least wasn’t sparking quite enough fun in your life. Races with a little bit of zany (or a lot, in the case many past runnings of the Bay to Breakers) have been going strong for quite some time, but we’re impressed by the sheer volume of crazy races, obstacle courses, mud runs and nude dashes that have been put on in the past few years.

Looks like we’ll have a bumper crop o’ crazy in 2012, as some of the big names add more locations and dates while many other races see a rise in registrations.

Obsessed with Obstacles

Warrior Dash: Adding 14 more race locations than there were in 2011, the Warrior Dash is going strong with its “hellish” obstacle courses. (info)
Spartan Race: With nearly 50 events in North America and the UK this year, Spartan Race promises “pure primitive craziness.” (info)
Urbanathalon: Started in 2006 by the publishers of Men’s Health, this year’s event locations have yet to be announced. (info)

Small but Silly

Dark and Dirty Run: Get ready for 6.66 miles of nighttime trail running in rural Pennsylvania. As the organizer says, “We provide the organization, you provide the illumination.” (info)
Urban Iditarod: Want to watch people dressed in crazy costumes bark like dogs and pull shopping carts around for a few miles? Head to Portland, Oregon on February 25. (info)
Holiday Runs: Plenty of good times can be had at fun runs in your area for St. Patty’s, Halloween and Thanksgiving too.

The Competitor Has No Clothes

Maybe we’re just a bunch of nevernudes, but we find it a bit hard to wrap our heads around why you want to race naked. That’s a whole lot of unnecessary flippin’ and floppin’. Just sayin’. But don’t let us harsh on your fun if you’re planning to take part in the Bare Buns 5K, Bare Dare 5K, Streak the Cove 5K, or another less well clothed, er, we mean known, naked race happening somewhere in this big ol’ country of ours.

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