10 Things Runners Hate

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Like any interest group, runners have a distinct culture. Along with that culture comes certain pet peeves, and as I have gotten to know the running community more as a beginner runner, I have come to know these annoyances on a personal level. Here’s a short list of things that runners generally hate.

1. Being called a jogger. I’m not a jogger. I’m a runner. There is a difference, and if you don’t know it, look it up. Apples and oranges, people!

crosswalk-698836_12802. Waiting at stoplights. It’s annoying, really. I would rather just run through traffic and risk my life than wait for this stupid light to change.

3. Running in place at stoplights. The only thing worse than waiting at a stoplight is waiting next to a runner that is bopping up and down, running in place, as if taking a break would kill them. C’mon, you are embarrassing both of us right now.

4. Dead iPod. I am lost without my iPod. Though many runners prefer to run device-free, there are those of us who depend on that pump-up playlist to get us through our run.

5. Rain. It may not keep me from my run, but it tends to dampen my mood (see what I did there?). Rain forces me to make considerations like what jacket to wear, whether the puddles are too deep to cross on my normal loop, and at what point I am so soaked that I need to turn back.

6. Potty breaks. Even when I plan ahead and take care of business before my run, sometimes I just gotta go. Sorry, 7-Eleven manager, I promise I’ll stop by later to buy a Slurpee. And when the urge hits me on race day? I can’t dream away that long port-o-potty line. I’m never going to shatter my PR at this rate.

7. Chafing. SO MUCH PAIN. How can clothing cause SO MUCH PAIN!? Seams and uneven parts of fabric combined with your body’s movement is a recipe for disaster.

Oiselle Charcoal Jogging8. Wearing normal clothes. I would prefer to always be wearing these comfy running tights and this super cute racerback tank, thank you very much. Especially with the fashion forward designs now available to runners… it’s like brands are finally understanding that running is more than an activity, it’s a lifestyle!

9. Runny nose. Allergies, man! Ahhh, the perfectly executed snot rocket… the holy grail of hardcore, B.A. runners. It is something I will continue to strive for as my running career progresses. But until then, I will sniffle and soldier on, snot trails on my moisture-wicking tank telling the story of my nasal struggles.

10. Missing a run. If work or my social life prevents me from my scheduled lunch run, you can bet I’ll be running after work, no excuses! Addiction? Maybe. Dedication? Most definitely.

As a runner, what would you add to my list?

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