10 Scary Things That Happen On a Run

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Running in the dark, low visibility

Saturday is Halloween. You’ve probably noticed a fair share of spooky yard decorations slowly emerging since the beginning of October. You know– orange lights, fake spiderwebs in the bushes and across the doorways, witches, ghosts, ghouls, and monster figures here and there. It’s that time of year again when we embrace the fright and celebrate the scary.

In keeping with the Halloween holiday spirit, here are 10 scary things that you may encounter on any given run.

  1. Unidentified animals. Wait, what was that?! That black shadow that just passed into the bushes ahead. Could be a neighborhood cat, could be a racoon, could be a werewolf. Okay, chances are it’s not a werewolf, but the point is, when you don’t know, fear can get the best of you.
  2. Stranger danger. A dark figure crosses into your pathway… Activate zombie evasion mode!
  3. Distracted drivers. Cell phones, screaming babies in the back seat, a really rough day at work – we’ve all been that distracted driver. As a runner, this may very well be the most dangerous aspect to road running. Never assume that you’ve been seen, and never assume the right of way.
  4. skeleton_dog_chasing_skeleton_humanDogs off leash. That puppy might be the sweetest little guy ever, or he could very well take a chomp out of your hammy as you run by.
  5. Dead batteries. For those of us who count on their iPod to drive their daily pace, a dead battery is pretty terrifying. You mean I have to be alone with my thoughts as I trudge through the miles?!
  6. Blisters. Oh no. No no no no no. Don’t let that be a blister. Please. PLEASE!
  7. Dark streets. You know, you turn down a street and there isn’t a single solitary street light. Mental note: buy illumination gear.
  8. Getting lost. I don’t remember that fork in the road…
  9. Twisting an ankle. All it takes is one misplaced foot strike… one stumble that leads to a twisted ankle, and you just pray it’s not serious as you slow your run to a gimpy walk to survey the damage.
  10. That gotta-go feeling. The trots. Enough said.


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