Gotta Have It: Sugoi Men’s Firewall 180 Pant

Sugoi Men's Firewall 180 Pant

Christmas tunes are playing in every store, your risk of frostbite has spiked, and even the neighbor’s Shih Tzu is wearing a festive sweater vest. There’s no way around it… it’s winter, and it’s all about the eggnog, hot-tubbing and cold training sessions. We were hesitant to head into the chill this year, until we met the Sugoi Firewall 180 Pant. This pant will equip you to tackle training sessions in the most brutal conditions. Here’s what we love:

Thermal Interior

The interior of this pant is fully brushed, which gives it a fuzzy feel reminiscent of your favorite sweats, but without the bulk. The peached interior ups the warmth factor, so you’ll stay nice and toasty even in frigid temps.

Waterproof Shell Fabric

The exterior fabric is windproof to keep the icy gales off your legs as you work out in wintry conditions. Although the fabric is highly technical, it maintains a soft and flexible feel, giving you great range of motion to power through the miles.

Adjustable Waistband

The elastic waistband hits below the natural waist and has side Velcro tabs that allow you to get an extra-secure fit, so these pants won’t slide down as you run.


Two large front zip pockets give you ample room to store an mp3 player, pair of gloves/arm warmers or other essentials on the run. Lockdown zippers with guards will keep zippers from bouncing up and down.


Winter means it’s not just getting colder, it’s getting darker too, so we were stoked that Sugoi was generous with the reflectivity on these pants. Reflectivity around pockets, behind knees and down the sides and front of these pants will help you be seen by motorists when you’re running in low light.

  • Marc Schwartz

    Are these warmer than the Nike Element Thermal running pants (

  • Matt

    In our opinion the Sugoi Firewall 180 is just a bit warmer feeling than the Element Thermal pants. Even though the Sugoi uses a slightly thinner material, its wind resistant nature noticeably increases heat retention.

  • Marc Schwartz


    Thanks Matt!

    I have the Nike’s. Here in MN, I have been good down to about 18F with them so far, but was wondering if there might be something warmer to use as a single layer, or to consider using a thermal base layer under the Nike’s.

  • Matt

    Happy to help, Marc. When it gets down to single digits and below, many customers choose to layer with a running tight and then a pant on top. This is a bit less bulky than doubling up on pants. Just a thought!