Mizuno Wave Rider 16 Sneak Peek

Mizuno Rider 16 Women's Running Shoe

Last December, Mizuno totally redesigned the fit and feel of the Rider 15, creating a firm, responsive platform and better upper fit. So are we in for another complete overhaul of the Rider in the latest update?

Nope. The mid/outsole is a complete carryover from version 15, so the big story is the new upper. Through the use of lighter materials and fewer overlays, Mizuno shaved just over an ounce from the Men’s shoe, dropping it down below the magic 10.0 oz marker to 9.9 oz (size 9). The Women’s version is also set to lose nearly an ounce, down to 8.2 oz (size 8).

What to Watch For

  • Lighter Weight: According to Mizuno, the Rider 16 will sneak under the 10.0 oz limbo stick to fall in the “light weight” running shoe category. Pretty impressive for a daily trainer with a lot of impact protection underfoot.
  • New Upper Design: The decreased weight is thanks to the combination of lighter mesh and reduced overlays in the upper. The new design looks plenty fast to boot.
  • Carryover Platform: The Men’s- and Women’s-specific design of the mid/outsole from the Rider 15 will continue in the latest version.

Launch Date
November 2012


Men’s Colors
Yellow/Blue/Anthracite Rider 16
White/Red/Anthracite Rider 16
Blue/Surf Blue Rider 16
Orange/Silver/Yellow Rider 16

Women’s Colors
Blue/Electric Pink Rider 16
White/Violet/Anthracite Rider 16
Red/Green/Black Rider 16
Violet/Orange Rider 16

Mizuno Rider 16 Men's Running Shoe

  • Dave Weeks

    Looks nice! However, the 15 was too firm in the forefoot for me!

  • jenny

    Love Mizuno running shoes. Both for the great race results, comfort and fit, as well as the great new COLORS!!! Wish I could wear mine out sooner ;)

  • Nate

    Totally agree with Dave on the forefoot – too firm and not very flexible. I’m wondering if the reduced overlays will loosen it up any? One can hope.

  • Alice

    The platform of the Mizuno Wave Rider 16 will carry over from the 15, so we expect the forefoot to feel the same. The reduced overlays may result in a more forgiving fit in the upper, but we can’t say for sure until we have a chance to test it out in November.

  • Sean

    For the love of God, why couldn’t they just bring back the Rider 13 platform and put this new upper on that? Is Mizuno really that determined to avoid accolades?

  • Karla

    YES! Great idea, Sean. Why keep reinventing the wheel? If Mizuno brought back the 13’s, they would have many happy customers.

  • Frank

    Once they changed the last from the 12′ to the 13’s I could no longer wear them because they were too narrow.

    What did you guys think of the WR 12’s?

  • Matt

    The Wave Rider 12 had a super smooth ride and softer out-of-the-box feel compared to some more recent versions of the Rider, though we didn’t notice a substantial change in width or other shoe volume measurements when the shoe updated to its 13th version.

  • Greg

    Yes the 12 is still the best shoe I own.

  • VPhuc

    I’ve had Wave Rider 12 and 13, Ronin 3. To me, as a daily trainer, WR12 has been the best in term of softness, cushioning, and lightweight. WR13 was too firm, and to what I read about 14 and 15, the shoe just gets firmer and firmer. I therefore abandoned the Rider. The only Mizuno I still keep is the Ronin 3. Mizuno, if you guys are listening: bring back the Rider 12 and you will gain back thousands of loyal customers.

  • Juliana DAntas

    Eu quero um! Ainda não chegou no Brasil.
    I wanna a Mizuno Rider 16! Not yet arrived in Brazil. :o(