The Future of New Balance Minimus

A few years ago, New Balance Minimus led the way in equipping the runner who wanted a more “minimal” running experience. Fast forward to 2013 and the preference of many runners is shifting to a shoe with a bit more impact protection, but that still offers a lightweight, flexible ride. So is Minimus dead? No way. The line is evolving to adapt to the needs and wants of today’s runner. Here’s what will be introduced into the line for the rest of 2013.

Minimus 1690

The New Balance 1690 (shown above, more sneak peek pictures and info here) bridges the gap between more minimal styles and a conventional running shoe. With a flexible, 4mm offset platform and RevLite cushioning, this shoe makes it easy to transition into the world of Minimus. Designed for ‘urban running,’ this shoe can be taken anywhere, paved or not, and with a no-sew upper, this looks to be one comfortable shoe. The 1690 will be available starting July 2013.

Men's New Balance Minimus MR1 Hi-Rez (Catalog Image)

Minimus MR1/WR1 Hi-Rez

A fresh take on the bare-bones Minimus 00, the Hi-Rez is designed for runners seeking unmatched ground feedback and flexibility in a running shoe. Featuring a midsole consisting of 42 independent pods, this sub 4 oz, zero-drop shoe is built to move effortlessly with the foot and deliver an almost-barefoot sensation. The Hi-Rez launches in April 2013.

Men's New Balance Minimus 1010 v2 Trail

Minimus 1010 v2 Amp Trail

The Minimus Trail 1010 returns in its second iteration this summer. Marketed strongly to the Tough Mudder/adventure racing crowd, the original 1010 found its niche among trail runners looking for a bit of protection underfoot while maintaining a low profile and flexible ride in a lightweight package. Based on user feedback, New Balance tightened up the toebox a bit in the v2, for a more confident forefoot fit. The 1010 v2 will be released in July 2013.

Minimus 1010 Amp Road

We don’t have any images to show you just yet, but here’s the info we know on this brand-new model. Based on the success of the 1010 Trail, New Balance will be introducing a road counterpart in the Minimus Road 1010. With a 4mm offset and a fair amount of cushioning underneath, this shoe will offer a low profile and flexible ride while keeping the runner protected from hard pounding on the pavement. The 1010 Road launches in May 2013.

  • John

    Looks like a great lineup! Will the 1010 Amp have more cushioning than the 1690?

  • Taro


    Good question. We won’t have a chance to test and compare the cushioning of the 1010 Road and the 1690 until the shoes arrive later this year. We are told that both shoes will feature RevLite midsole compound, so both should provide a resilient and bouncy feel underfoot.

  • FJ

    Any info on how many colorways the Hi-Rez will launch with. I’ve seen a green (or gray) and red colorway on the net that I like and I’m hoping it will be included.

  • Matt

    We are only bringing in the Orange Flash colorway, but Black/Green and Black/Silver colors will also be produced for men.

  • Harshil

    I love RW thanks for great service and products. But I have one general feedback can you folks also stock simple color for shoes. I saw that even for Merrell Vapor Glove that model is also sold in just orange color and Merrell does make it in all black color-way and looks like same is true for NB Hi-Rez.

  • Matt

    Thank you for the feedback. Whenever possible, we bring in as many colors as we can for shoe models. Where we can only bring in one color option for a shoe, we base our decision on what is likely to sell the best. As we continue to grow, the number of running shoe models and colors we offer will increase.

  • Nate

    Really wish the Minimus 1010 Amp Road was out now… sounds exactly like what I’m looking for as I get ready for the Glass City 1/2 Marathon at the end of April. Been training in the 730 for quite awhile now, and will probably end up picking up a pair of MR10v2s instead, but I have enjoyed using my 1010s on my trail runs.

  • John

    What’s happening with the MR00’s? I noticed you’re not carrying them anymore. Are they being revised or updated? Thanks!

  • Matt

    A new color of the MR00 (Blue/Yellow) just arrived in stock and should be up on the site toward the end of the week. No updates beyond the color change.

  • Gunnar

    Regarding the 1010v2 -> “New Balance tightened up the toebox a bit in the v2, for a more confident forefoot fit.”
    Can anyone fill in how the toe-box shape is changed?
    Is just lower, or is the shape of the sole also changed? I need room for my straight bigtoe. So if the toebox of the V” is more narrow/turned on on the inside, the v1 might fit me better?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question Gunnar. The toebox is reshaped, just a bit narrower on the lateral side by the little toe, but with a slightly more rounded toebox from the little toe up to the big toe. We expect the toebox to be about the same in terms of height. The space for the big toe will likely be about the same in both versions, but we have not yet tried on a production model.

  • Jeremy

    Any chance RW will be carrying the Hi-Rez in black?

  • Matt

    We only plan to stock the Orange Flash colorway, but thanks for checking with us!

  • Ariel

    It’s July! When will we be able to purchase the 1010 v2?

  • Matt

    Ha…great question. We expect this shoe to be in stock around the middle to end of July. You can preorder the Women’s model on our site and it will ship as soon as it arrives in stock.