The Brooks Glycerin 12 Looks to Up the Plushness

Brooks Glycerin 12; M 10.9 oz, W 9.1 oz, $150*

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months (or have been running too much to take notice), you’re undoubtedly aware of the incoming Brooks Transcend, due to arrive next month.

Speaking of which, have you seen the new Runner’s World ad for the shoe?

The thing is, the Transcend is a support shoe geared towards moderate to severe overpronators. Why must neutral runners miss out on the fun?

This is where the Glycerin 12 comes in.

The update to Brooks’ premium neutral trainer comes with a few changes, and its easy to see that some design cues of the Transcend have manifested themselves in what will be it’s neutral cousin.

The biggest carryover is Brooks’ new Super DNA midsole material. This premium compound, which made its debut in the Transcend, promises to deliver 25% more cushioning thanBioMoGo DNA. We won’t know for sure until we get a chance to try it, but for now expect this midsole to offer an even softer and plusher ride that still adapts nicely to your running style.

In addition, the Glycerin 12 borrows from the Transcend its Ideal Pressure Zone technology. The idea is that the force of impact increases from heelstrike through toe-off, so the shape of the outsole has been redesigned in order to evenly disperse pressure from heel to toe.

Aesthetics-wise, we’re pretty excited about the latest Glycerin. The tightly woven mesh has a premium look to it, and a thickly padded tongue just give you the impression of comfort. If you like treating yourself to an ultra-plush, comfortable shoe, you should have plenty to look forward to in the Brooks Glycerin 12.

*Footwear specs provided by Brooks.

  • Angela Kuzior

    When are these coming out? :)

  • Matt

    The Glycerin 9 came out June 2011
    The Glycerin 10 came out June 2012
    The Glycerin 11 came out June 2013.

    I’ll drop real cash that the Glycerin 12 comes out in June 2014 ;)

    There are still 10s around in some sizes for $80, and we’re starting to see 11s being discounted. I’m predicting a lot more of that in the next few months.

  • RunningWarehouse

    That would be a wise bet, Matt. :)

    We’re expecting 3 colorways each of the Men’s and Women’s Glycerin 12 in June 2014.

  • Angela Kuzior

    Heh, I hadn’t thought of that until you typed it out! Nice! :D

  • Angela Kuzior

    Awesome! Thanks! Trying to plan my next round of shoe-buying. ;)

  • Matt

    I switched to Glycerins when my last pair of Radius 6 finally died.
    (High arched slight-supinator). Just as well, as legs started to get less and less tolerant the closer I got to turning 40. I’ve tried the Ghosts and the Cascadias, but so far, the Glycerin 10 is my favorite shoe of all time. I have a pair of 11s that are about to get swapped into the rotation, but really, Brooks: What party drugs were your on when you came up with the color schemes for the 11s? Hopefully the 12 tones it down a bit.. I want at least 2 different pairs that don’t look like they are covered in unicorn puke so I can tell which pair I should be taking out that day.

  • Mark

    Agreed….don’t know if they used four year olds with crayons or consulted Mickey Mouse about the color schemes on the 11, but pretty ugly for my taste. The 12 looks like it’ll be much better.

  • slothworld

    Settle down, buttercup. I didn’t think that running was such a fashion statement. Just get out and run. Who cares what color your shoes??

  • Mark

    I DO.