The Brooks Ghost 7: Much the Same, But Improved

Brooks has never been a company to tout crazy new innovative technologies or game-changing ideas. Rather, the company finds success in what it knows best: delivering footwear that simply works. No frills or gimmicks necessary (slightly out-there marketing aside, that is).

As such, its not often we see big changes in Brooks’ core model updates, with many of the shoes just receiving minor tweaks from year to year to refine a product that already works with a big segment of runners.

Brooks Ghost 7, M 10.4 oz, W 8.6 oz, $120*

You’ll be forgiven if you were to look at the Ghost 7 and mistake it for its predecessor. Changes are minimal, especially in the aesthetics of the shoe, which may lead many runners into thinking the only difference is the new number in is name.

The biggest change in this update is something you can’t see – the midsole material has been changed from a BioMoGo compound with DNA inserts, to a one-piece, blended BioMoGo platform. This is a change we will eventually see with most of Brooks’ offerings, and based on our experiences with this material in the Ravenna 5, we expect this to deliver a smoother and more consistent ride without killing the overall feel of the shoe.

Brooks has definitely taken the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach here, a good thing if you’re a fan of the current Ghost model. We expect this update to continue to resonate with the many runners who use the Ghost as their everyday trainer.

Expect the Brooks Ghost 7 to be available in June, 2014.

*Footwear specs are provided by Brooks

  • Mark

    Like the Ghost 6. If I could change anything about it I’d make it a little softer. Hope they do.

  • gte762e

    On my 5th and final pair of Ghost 5s…tried the 6 when it was released but didn’t care for the changes…will probably give the 7 a try…hoping for the best since the 5s are now impossible to find anymore.