The Altra Paradigm: Natural Running meets Maximum Cushioning

There’s no denying that maximum cushioned shoes have made quite a splash so far this year. Not just for ultramarathon runners anymore, runners of all disciplines are increasingly picking up on the leg-saving benefits of a low-impact ride. Altra has been one of the earlier adopters of maximum cushioning, and they’re looking to take their cushioning to the next level.

Altra previously hit the ball out of the park with the Torin and the recently released Olympus, both shoes packing plenty of plushness underfoot for a soft and protective run. With the Paradigm, Altra is seeking to crank the cushioning to eleven as a totally max-cushioned road shoe that should easily rival Hoka One One.

According to Altra, the Paradigm is designed with a stack height of 34mm, putting it alongside the Hoka Bondi 3 and the Conquest. We expect that the shoe should perform similarly, with a nice stable platform that just soaks up the ground. Of course, this new shoe will feature Altra’s characteristic zero drop platform and foot-shaped toebox, allowing your foot to move and function naturally from footstrike through toe-off.

The upper will feature a breathable open mesh, ideal for hot summer runs. In addition, the seamless overlays are used sparingly to keep the weight of the shoe down while maintaining a comfortable and secure fit.

If the Paradigm runs anything like the Olympus or the Hoka Conquest, we can expect it to be a pretty hot pick upon its release. This is definitely a shoe to look into if you’re looking to minimize the pounding on your legs while enjoying Altra’s natural running benefits.

Expect the Altra Paradigm to hit the roads May 2014.

Altra Paradigm; M 10.5oz, W 9.5oz, 0mm Offset, $125*

*Footwear specs provided by Altra.

  • Smacksmackums

    Sweet. Can you send me a message when they’re available from your site?

  • G Harper

    That 10.5oz men’s weight is for a men’s size 11. The shoe will weigh 9.3oz in the traditional men’s size 9 that are the standard for weights.
    -Golden Harper, Founder of Altra

  • SteamRoller72

    I can’t wait to give the Paradigm a try. I like the idea of a zero drop shoe in a maximum cushioning format.

  • RunningWarehouse

    Thanks for the update, Golden! Would you happen to have weight information for the women’s version as well?

  • Lenny Sunday Archuleta

    i know in may but any date?

  • Lenny Sunday Archuleta

    when will you guys have this shoe?

  • RunningWarehouse

    Unfortunately we aren’t able to confirm an exact date right now, however we do expect the Paradigm to arrive in mid to late May.

  • G Harper

    Yes, the Women’s Paradigm is weighing 7.8oz. Thanks guys!