The Altra One2 Receives a Big Overhaul

Altra The One2: M 7.5oz, W 6.6oz, 0mm Offset, $100*

The One2 (pronounced one-squared, not one-two) will be the first update to Altra’s low profile and lightweight performance shoe, and though the shoe will retain its fast, performance-oriented personality, this update is actually a fairly significant overhaul of the shoe.

Let’s go through a quick rundown of all the changes, shall we?

  • Midsole: The midsole consists of what Altra calls its InnerFlex EVA, featuring deep flex grooves from heel to forefoot for a smooth and flexible ride that allows your foot to function naturally through the gait cycle. Sitting above the InnerFlex EVA is a thin layer of Altra’s A-Bound compound, providing runners with a familiar, responsive underfoot feel. In all, the stack height of the shoe will increase slightly, giving you a little more protection from the road below for higher mileage efforts.
  • Outsole: The full, hard rubber outsole of the previous version has been scaled back, keeping the weight of the shoe down, though high abrasion rubber is retained in high wear areas for durability.
  • Upper: Altra has traded in the open mesh of the original version, opting instead for a softer, closed mesh. This should result in a little more comfort over the foot, though we can expect a touch less breathability with this update.

In all, the One2 drops a nice bit of weight in this update, and should be a fantastic shoe for marathon racing and speedwork. Expect the One2 to be a top choice for the runner who wants both high performance and a natural ride.

The Altra One2 will be available May 2014.

*Footwear specs provided by Altra

  • René Jeninga

    Nice update and good looking shoe!

  • G Harper

    Also here, the 7.5oz is for a men’s 10.5. The shoe will weigh 6.3oz in a men’s 9 (standard for shoe weights). The women’s will be 5.7oz. Thanks!
    -Golden Harper, Founder of Altra

  • Dan Natkin

    looking forward to trying this one… I love wearing the instinct 1’s for casual wear but they just didn’t have enough toe spring for a daily miler. This looks like it may really be the shoe for me!

  • Joshua Paulsen

    I’m anxious to try this one…looks like it will have good flex, cushioning, and spring. The design is getting better than the previous Altras, but I still would like a more progressive looking show. With so little rubber on the bottom, i’m wondering how the A-bound will wear with training – is this a racer only? I wish Altra would run their laces just a little further into the forefoot – the toe box is great, but it also requires extra adjusting for many of us with thinner feet.

  • Mike Szekely

    Just saw my One Squared order filled & shipped…OH HAPPY DAY!!! So looking forward to getting into them. My closet has been taken over by Altra, via the Running Warehouse…and I like it, LOL!

  • Mike Szekely

    I watched “the Ginger Runner’s” YouTube video on his Big Sur Marathon run this year…and he ran it in the One Squared! I’m 5′ 10″, 170lb…would you consider them a good marathon shoe? I’ve got two coming up soon.

  • G Harper

    Yeah we built it to be a performance trainer/marathon racing shoe. If you’ve fared well in shoes like the Kinvara, it should be great for you!

  • Mike Szekely

    Awesome…thank you for your reply! I ordered a 9 – my normal size, but it was too small for me. I’ve got to get a 9.5 and I think I’ll be set. LOVIN’ THE PARADIGMS!!! Between those, the Olympus, the Lone Peak 1.5’s & the Torin 1.5’s (and hopefully soon, the One2’s) I’m set! You all are awesome! Thank you for making shoes I’ve waited for for a long time :-)

  • Sune Rafn

    They are really soft if you ask me. The fit is great really great. But its super soft. atleast compaired to what i am used to run in. I would say its even a tad more soft then Kinvara 5

  • ageha

    Looks too soft for me.