Saucony Virrata Sneak Peek

Saucony Virrata Men's Running Shoes

The brand-new Virrata’s name may be difficult to say at first (it’s pronounced vur-ah-tah), but here are three things about it that are perfectly clear: (1) zero offset, (2) extremely light, (3) highly flexible. The Virrata is part of the Saucony Natural Series, which includes the award-winning Kinvara 3 and upcoming Mirage 3.

We got a chance to run a few laps in a pre-production model of the Virrata, and let’s just say that this shoe is set to offer the smooth ride and barely there feel that many runners crave.

What to Watch For

  • Zero Offset: The Virrata is dead level, with only 18mm of material underfoot front and rear. Still, the shoe has a pretty cushioned feel.
  • Featherweight: At just 6.5 oz in Men’s 9 and 6.0 oz in Women’s 8, the Virrata is Saucony’s lightest training shoe.
  • Big Flex: The deep tread pattern with springy pods and accentuated flex grooves helps to make the Virrata extremely flexible. (See the outsole view below.)
  • No-Sew Upper: Bootie construction utilizing a breathable mesh means you can go sockless if you’re into that sort of thing.

Saucony Virrata Outsole View

Launch Date
February 2013


Men’s Colors
Black/Red/Citron Saucony Virrata
Citron/Blue Saucony Virrata
Grey/Orange Saucony Virrata
White/Black/Red Saucony Virrata

Women’s Colors
Black/Citron/Pink Saucony Virrata
Grey/Green/Pink Saucony Virrata
Orange/Red Saucony Virrata
White/Purple Saucony Virrata

Saucony Virrata Women's Running Shoe

  • Run Escape

    cool thanks for the post, i read and enjoyed!

  • Claes

    Very interesting! But looks like wear will be very quick on the front… I thought they’d learned from the first Kinvara?

  • Alice

    As the Virrata is part of the Saucony Natural Series, it will not have as much material as many traditional daily trainers. We expect the the durability of the Virrata to be comparable to that of the Kinvara 3.

  • Anne

    Launch Date: February 2013–BUT I WANT TO RUN IN THEM NOW!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the laugh, Anne. February will be here before you know it!

  • William

    Will these be any wider than the Kinvara ? Loved the first Kinvara but tore through the side, have not tried Saucony since.

  • Matt

    We haven’t had a chance to do detailed measurements on the Virrata yet, but from our early try ons of sample pairs, we noted perhaps just a touch more room than the current Kinvara, particularly in the forefoot. We’ll post How It Fits measurements as soon as the shoe is in stock and expect a Shoefitr measurement soon afterward.

  • David

    So is Saucony replacing the Hattori with the Virrata? The Virrata seems like a great shoe, but in comparison to the Hattori, it weights more (6.5oz vs 4.4oz) and has more cushioning (18mm vs 15mmm for Hattori), which for a true minimalist shoe is a step backwards, in my opinion. I love the Hattori’s but they are disappearing quickly, Virrata seems like a suitable replacement but I’m wondering how much of an extent my body will be able to distinguish between the 18mm and 15mm cushioning.

  • Taro


    The Hattori LC and the Virrata will both be available during Spring 2013, but it appears the Hattori LC will not continue for Fall 2013. We expect the cushioning of the Virrata to feel quite a bit softer than that of the Hattori. If you’re looking for that firmer, close to the ground ride, the upcoming Wave Evo Levitas from Mizuno and Brooks’ PureDrift look to be promising options.

  • David

    Thank you! I’m all for bright and crazy colored shoes, but I hope Mizuno has another color in the Evo Levitas!

  • Matt

    No new colors for the Evo Levitas until July. Then it comes out in a Black/White color with a small hit of Lime on it.