Saucony Triumph 11 Sneak Peek

The Saucony Triumph has been gaining momentum in recent years for its extremely well-balanced cushioning and responsiveness. The Triumph 9 achieved a big sales gain, the Triumph 10 is going strong, and Saucony doesn’t want to mess too much with a good thing in its upcoming update.

What to Watch For

  • Upper Structure: More supportive overlays in the upper provides a more structured fit.
  • Outsole Update: Grooves will be added to the crash pad and deepened in the forefoot for smoother laydown and a better transition.
  • Be Seen: A reflective screen print is added on the heel to improve visibility.


Release Date
November 2013

Men’s Colors
Slime/Orange/Blue Saucony Triumph 11
Black/Blue/Citron Saucony Triumph 11
White/Red/Black Saucony Triumph 11

Women’s Color
Blue/Red Saucony Triumph 11
Grey/Purple Saucony Triumph 11
White/ViziCoral/Navy Saucony Triumph 11

Saucony Triumph 11 Mens Running Shoe

  • Stephen

    What is the weight on these?

  • Matt

    Saucony lists weights of 10.8 oz for Men’s size 9 and 9.3 oz for Women’s size 8.

  • Michael

    Ugh! Seems like Saucony has about hit its critical mass with the comfort-cushion-flexibility = weight metric. I could dream of a sub-10oz Triumph, but then, it would probably no longer be the Triumph.

  • Mark

    How does the cushioning compare to the 10.

  • Matt

    We expect the Triumph 11 to feel identical in terms of cushioning. The platform receives only minor updates compared to the Triumph 10.

  • Chris

    Love it1 Looks like their bringing back the mesh overlay from the 9, which I loved. The 10 is too flimsy for my liking, although it’s still a decent shoe.

  • David Weeks

    Sad to see a fat $10 price hit and very little to justify same?

  • Matt

    You are correct that not a whole lot will be changing for the added MSRP. In Saucony’s defense, the shoes it competes with (Nimbus, NB 1080, Vomero) are in the $130-$145 MSRP range so they are probably looking to be more in the middle of that range.

  • David Weeks

    Greed is my answer!!! Five bucks, OK, but 10 is lame. Saucony… :+(

  • David Weeks

    Just as an example A6 made some real solid updates to their GT-2000 shoe recently and only increased it by 5 bucks.. Have lost a little faith in Saucony recently…