Saucony Cortana 2 Sneak Peek

On first glance, you may be wondering why we’re showing you what seems like pictures of the current Saucony Cortana and saying it’s a new shoe. But look closer and you’ll see a carefully re-crafted upper that shaves over an ounce off the original Cortana, designed to retain a familiar fit and feel.

What to Watch For

  • Lighter Weight: The Cortana 2 loses over an ounce in both Men’s and Women’s models, thanks to the materials used in the new upper. Weights are estimated at just 9.8 oz (Men’s size 9) and 8.6 oz (Women’s size 8).
  • New Upper Design: The basic design elements of the original Cortana – open mesh, a structured heel, and a fade-out color scheme – are refined in this update.
  • Unchanged Platform: The midsole/outsole of the original Cortana carries over in the update to the Cortana 2. That means you still get a resilient ride along with a good amount of cushioning for higher-mileage runs.

Launch Date
October 2012


Men’s Colors
Black/Blue/Citron Saucony Cortana 2
Black/Red/White Saucony Cortana 2

Women’s Colors
Black/Citron/Pink Saucony Cortana 2
White/Red/Orange Saucony Cortana 2

Saucony Cortana 2 Women's Running Shoe

  • Shahar Zwick

    Disappointed….. I was looking for a bigger update…. the only change I liked is a new lighter weight, but still for a great shoe and a great company I was expecting a much bigger update…. Probably going to wait to the 3…..

  • Debbie

    The first Cortana had some had plastic on the toe that rubbed a lot of toes (mine included) the wrong way. Any chance this will be fixed? This would be the perfect long run road shoe for me if it weren’t for this and the durability issues.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the note, Debbie. The plastic toe cap remains on version 2 of the shoe. We haven’t heard feedback about the cap aggravating runners’ toes, but thanks for sharing your experience. We’ll have to wait to try on the shoes when they arrive in November to see if any changes have been made to the dimensions and design of the toe box.

  • Chris

    Love it! This and the Triumph are my “go to” shoes and I’m excited about the update Saucony is making to both.

  • John

    I’m excited, now the decision is which shoe do I run the next marathon in Triumph or Cortana. Will the sizing be the same as the Triumph? Don’t get why the sizing guide said I’d be a 15 in one Saucony but a 14 in another style of Saucony.

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, John. Sizing can vary within a brand. In our experience, the Triumph fits a half size large, while the Cortana fits true to size. We are expecting this fit to continue with the Cortana 2.

  • Ash

    I was getting a nervous about this shoe getting a 2nd version but so happy to see it is!I haven’t had the toe problem or durability issue mentioned above. I’ve beaten several pairs to the ground and they have held up beautifully. I even wore one pair on a 100k ultra with no problems at all. This is great news1

  • CH

    Hi Mat.
    I have been using Cortana for a year and runners’ toes usually kick in after 20km .
    Well the way to get around is to reduce the thickness of the toes nail with pen works.