Pearl Izumi E:Motion Sneak Peek

In February 2013, Pearl Izumi is introducing a brand new line of road and trail shoes called E:Motion. Their goal when developing this line was to create the world’s most fluid running experience, without the use of gels, air bags or other inserted midsole technologies.

The result was the development of the E:Motion midsole, offering a smooth transition and what the company calls a “dynamic offset” that changes as the foot goes through its stride. Better yet, all E:Motion shoes are designed to be under 10 oz (Men’s size 9) according to Pearl Izumi’s measurements.

We haven’t yet run in any of the E:Motion shoes, but we’re impressed with how light and flexible the range is. See more details below on each model we’ll carry. All weights and stack heights are Running Warehouse measurements.


EM Road N 1

Offset: 6mm
Weight: 7.7 oz (M) / 6.9 oz (W)

The lightest road shoe in this lineup, the Road N 1 is designed for a nimble, smooth running experience for race day or faster training. MSRP $115

Pearl Izumi EM Road N 1 Running Shoes

EM Road N 2

Offset: 9mm
Weight: 9.1 oz (M) / 8.5 oz (W)

The Road N 2 balances light and fast, offering just enough cushioning and durability to serve as your go-to trainer. MSRP $120

Pearl Izumi EM Road N 2 Running Shoes

EM Road M 3

Offset: 9mm
Weight: 9.7 oz (M) / 8.4 oz (W)

Providing a bit of pronation support in the medial midfoot, the Road M 3 is still designed to be supremely smooth and lively underfoot. MSRP $125

Pearl Izumi EM Road M 3 Running Shoes


EM Trail N 1

Offset: 6mm
Weight: 9.8 oz (M) / 8.5 oz (W)

A glove-like fit and responsive ride keep you moving forward on the trail, while features such as a forefoot rock plate and multi-directional tread help you handle technical terrain. MSRP $115

Pearl Izumi EM Trail N 1 Running Shoes

EM Trail N 2

Offset: 9mm
Weight: 9.7 oz (M) / 8.4 oz (W)

A shoe designed for the most difficult ultras, the Trail N 2 provides outstanding traction and protection, along with a greater amount of foam cushioning to help you go the distance. MSRP $120.00

Pearl Izumi EM Trail N 2 Running Shoes


EM Tri N 1

Offset: 6mm
Weight: 8.1 oz (M) / 7.3 oz (W)

Built for pure performance on race day, the Tri N 1 is a short course specialist that features a seamless, sock-like upper and quick lacing. MSRP $120.00

Pearl Izumi EM Tri N 2 Running Shoes

EM Tri N 2

Offset: 9mm
Weight: 9.2 oz (M) / 8.4 oz (W)

This longer-distance racer features a seamless upper with excellent breathability with plenty of cushioning and a durable platform for use as a trainer as well. MSRP $125.00

Pearl Izumi EM Tri N 2 Running Shoes

  • U Price

    These are nice Running shoes. The line is very interesting…thanks for the post.

  • Nick

    Will you guys carry the Pearl Izumi E:Motion H3?

  • Matt

    We do not have plans to bring in this model, but thanks for checking with us Nick.

  • J.Mack

    The weights appear to be almost identical between the Trail N1 and the N2. Is this correct?

  • Alice

    Thank you for your question. Yes, the weights of the Trail N1 and N2 are almost identical.

  • DStinson

    When will these be available through Runningwarehouse? I’ve read a lot of good reviews and look forward to trying them… just want to know how long I should hold out before looking at something different in the meantime.

  • Matt

    The E:Motion line launches in February. We’re expecting the EM Road N1, N2, and M3, the EM Trail N1 and N2, and the EM Tri N1 and N2 around the middle of February. We haven’t had a chance to try on any of the models yet but we’ve also heard a lot of positive feedback and look forward to taking them for a spin.

  • Sam


    Please reconsider. There is a very small niche of available lightweight rearfoot stability shoes.

  • Matt

    Thanks for your comment Sam. You are right that the niche is very small and we don’t believe it’s large enough to sell the minimum quantity we would need to bring in. If the rest of the E:Motion line sells strongly, we may expand our offering in the Fall.

  • Dave

    I’ve run in the road n-1 shoes. I am a mid-foot striker and this shoe certainly turns over quickly with the way the toe off is set up. I suspect that if you were a heel striker that they would also work. Reasonably light and the EVA mid sole has a comfortable but not squishy feel. I’m looking forward to getting another pair of these in the trail N-1

  • Seth

    Wondering if you can comment on the sizing of the new line. I’ve been running PI shoes for a few years, and have always had to size up (10.5 nike, 11 or 11.5 in a PI). Will these be the same?


  • Matt

    Great question Seth – we’re right with you on the need to size up a 1/2 size on many of their prior models. From the few seed pairs we’ve tested, the fit seems to be true to size. We won’t know for sure until we get the EM line in stock. The line is now pushed out to a March/April launch.

  • Chris

    So, with the line pushed out to March/April, what’s with the Trail N1’s I just ordered off Amazon? Have they been allowed through to production? Was it just the road line that’s being reworked because of stiffness?

  • Matt

    We also just got the Trail N1 in stock – it should be up on the site today or tomorrow. It’s the only model in the line to our knowledge that got pushed through with an on-time release. The remaining Trail and Road models are set for March/April releases.