Nike Zoom Streak LT Sneak Peek

Nike Zoom Streak LT Men's Running Shoe

To riff on Bill Shakespeare: “A shoe by any other name….” Later this year, the ever-popular Streak XC 3 becomes the Streak LT. This means big changes, right? Nope. It’s really just a name change. Why? Because XC stands for cross-country, but this shoe actually appeals to a much broader range of runners. (Just take a look at our customer feedback.)

Nike recognized the shoe’s broader appeal, particularly among runners seeking a simple, minimalist-like shoe to use as their regular trainer. So the Streak has a new acronym after its name – LT, for “lightweight trainer.”

At an expected weight of 5.4 ounces, the Streak LT is super light and its 4mm heel-to-toe offset puts the foot in a near-level, natural position. In keeping with the natural theme, the shoe has a fairly narrow base and feels like an extension of the foot.

Whatever it’s called, we’re glad to see Nike continuing with this model and hope the name change brings in a few more converts who consider the shoe for their training regimen.

Launch Date

July 2012



What to Watch For

  • New Name: The Zoom Streak LT replaces the Zoom Streak XC 3. The name change is meant to broaden the shoe’s appeal outside of the cross-country realm.
  • New Upper Graphics: The upper hasn’t changed in design from the Streak XC 3, but looks fresh thanks to a new graphic applied to the mesh material.
  • Same Ol’ Sole: Nike made no changes to the mid/outsole of the Streak XC 3. You’ll still get full-length Cushlon, Zoom unit in the heel, midfoot shank and waffle rubber outsole.


  • Alex

    I’m excited the price is staying so low. It’s really all you need a shoe, and for nearly half of what puffed up trainers go for.

  • Matt

    Nice point, Alex. The price point is another reason more runners should be looking at the Streak.

  • Jorge Gil-Juarez

    Im so exited for these, I had the blue streaks and my brother has the red streaks. Ran threw mine, now I need a new pair. It just sucks that Im going to have to wait till July to get them. NICE SHOE!

  • Anthony

    Loved version 2. Best shoe ever and it could be used for every single training day or event. Hated version 3 though as the seam where the tongue met the upper would cause terrible blisters on the top of my foot. Also hated the color scheme on the 3. Disappointed that they didn’t fix the tongue issue on the 4. How hard could it possibly be to make a good tongue? These new colors are pretty ugly too. Come on, Nike! I have to wait at least one more year!?

  • Dave

    I’ve liked the 2 and 3 but I don’t understand why Nike put such a terrible seam right up by the toes! A bit more resilient material for the upper would be very nice also, like the Adidas XCS.

  • Dave

    Terrible colors for version 4 by the way.

  • Trav

    I too loved the streak xc 2. The 3s were a huge disappointment because the tongue was very uncomfortable. It was very padded which doesn’t make sense since it is a racing flat. I stocked up on the 2s and have enough to last me a year or more. I hope when I run out, Nike will have come to their senses and revert the tongue back to what it was on the streak xc 2 – a perfect shoe.

  • Tom

    Hmm… I was aprehensive about the padded tongue at first, but after a few runs I quickly became a convert. The added padding adds significant confort on runs longer than 10K. Color scheme pretty much always sucked, but this is still the best minimal trainer I’ve owned.