Nike Structure Triax+ 14 Early Report

Nike Structure Triax+ 14 Mens Running Shoes

Nike Structure Triax+ 14 Men's Running Shoes

Coming out December 2010, the Nike Structure Triax 14+ continues along the path of its predecessors. Using the same tooling as the Structure Triax+ 13, which means the midsole has not changed (still uses Zoom Air for added cushioning), the latest version makes minor tweaks to the upper. Since the ride quality of the 13 is well liked, maintaining the midsole/outsole configuration on the new version is a good thing. This continuity allows past users a greater chance for success with the update.

So what has changed?

There three significant changes to the upper of the Structure Triax 14. A notch bootie construction replaces the traditional tongue. The result is the less material above the foot creating a better fit environment. The notch aspect refers to the fact that the bootie construction slit half way down the shoe, near both eyestays to allow for easy foot entry. Another notch aspect occurs within in the eyestay line itself. By creating separation between the lowest and second lowest eyelet, the upper now moves better with the foot at toe-off. Lastly, the new upper contains Nike Flywire, which creates a supportive fit with less weight.

Bottom line

A stalwart in the running support shoe category gets tweaks to its upper for what should be a better fit, without changing the ride that so many have come to enjoy.

Nike Structure Triax+ 14 Womens Running Shoes

Nike Structure Triax+ 14 Women's Running Shoes

  • Matt Matthews

    This version looks a little better than the 13.

    Will there be a GTX version as well? Or is this the version shown above. I don’t seem to remember a waterproof version for the 13.

    Also I hope they continue on and make the 14 in wide widths.

  • Jonathan

    If the recent pattern hold true, The Structure Triax+ 14 GTX will be available in October of 2011. The regular version will still be produced in a 14 wide, but as of yet, the GTX versions are only made in medium widths.

  • Mike

    The Triax+ 14 will be available in others colors ?…. or a “breath” version maybe ?
    Also the Zoom Structure Triax+ 13 Breathe (S/S 2010 Colour) (396054 100)
    for now is available in one color only,another color will be out in mid or late summer,does anybody knows ?
    Thank you.

  • Joe

    The Breathe color is only available in the 1 current color for this summer and yes the Structure 14 will be available in additional colors.


  • Matt

    I wish they would make all released colorways available in widths instead of just the 1 they have been doing. Sames goes for the breathe version and also the Zoom Equalons.