Nike Shield: Attack the Elements

Winter is a comin’. And it’s bringing with it shorter days and cold wet weather. We’re not going to let this get in the way of our training, and we know you won’t either. Most runners prepare themselves for the elements from the ankles up – if you’ve been running for any length of time you probably have a technical jacket, some hi-viz apparel and a toasty pair of tights. But what about our feet? We rely on our feet to carry us through tough miles, but many runners stick to the same footwear all year long and neglect to equip their feet for winter training.

Don’t leave your feet out in the cold this winter. Nike brings back the Shield collection for 2012 (view Men’s Nike Shield Collection and Women’s Nike Shield Collection) by winterizing three of their most popular models – the FREE Run+ 3, Air Pegasus+ 29 and LunarGlide+ 4. Each one is an excellent choice for dark, blustery winter weather, so you have a way to love your run all winter long. High reflectivity on a constantly moving body part really ups the ante on visibility in low-light conditions, and resistance to the elements makes these shoes stand out.

360 Degree Reflectivity

All of the models in the Nike Shield collection boast intense 360 degree reflectivity, boosting your safety factor out on the roads. In broad daylight these models might look like any other running shoe. But when the sun’s not up, just shine a light on them and BAM! – they shine bright. Your feet are always in motion (if they ain’t movin’, you ain’t runnin’), which makes it easier for drivers to see you when you’re running in lower light settings.

Water Resistance

The Durable Water Repellent (or DWR) coating that Nike added to their Shield shoes gives you extra protection against the damp winter elements. Nike designed the water repellent upper to remain breathable, so you can avoid a sticky microclimate in your shoe.

  • Brad

    Will these shoes also have some kind of insulation?

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Brad. The Nike Shield shoes do not have additional insulation. The shoes are still designed to be breathable, but because of their DWR coating they are likely not as breathable as a traditional open mesh.

  • Sky

    I love my Free Run Shield+ 2 shoes but they’re flat out unusable above 60 degrees due to the reduced breathability. Cold, wet winter isn’t the only time runs happen in the dark. It would be nice if there were a high profile online retailer that could convince Nike to put the reflective overlays on some colorways of shoes without the DWR coating or thicker upper – or even better, on Breathe versions of their summer shoes…