Nike LunarSpider R3 Sneak Peek

Nike LunarSpider R3 Men's Running Shoe

Nike’s racing flat built on the Lunarlon platform, the LunarSpider is set to get lighter in its third version with a new upper design that incorporates Flywire thread. With the few changes in store for the R3 version, the LunarSpider will remain a good racing shoe option for the 5K-10K distance.

Launch Date

July 2012



What to Watch For

  • New Upper: A single layer of super light mesh keeps weight down and gives the shoe breathability. For structure and a sturdy fit, Flywire overlays have been applied.
  • Carryover Mid/Outsole: The Lunarlon cushioning system on the LunarSpider R3 features a lightweight foam core that delivers resilient cushioning.


Red/Black LunarSpider R3

  • Don

    Two questions… #1 – Any ideas why Nike only sells up to size 12 in these?
    and #2 – is the fit similar to the Lunaracer or more like the Streak XC? LR runs smaller…

  • Matt

    The sizing for the LunarSpider stops at 12.0 because it is made for the Japanese market, and larger shoe sizes don’t sell there. Nike doesn’t create special molds just for a few larger U.S. sizes. We expect the LunarSpider R3 to fit similarly to the Lunaracer, with the Streak XC feeling a little looser in the heel in comparison.

  • Jeff D

    The update looks really nice. Is the midsole unit still incorporating the medial midfoot shank? That feature works well for me.

  • Matt

    The R3 version will continue to have the TPU piece in the medial midsole. The mid/outsole will not be changed in this model update.

  • Tim

    I had the LunarSpider R2. The fit was very similar to my Streak XC3. This shoe felt great to run in. Unfortunately, the upper started to tear after a couple of months of alternating usage with other shoes. The area of damage was along the lateral area of the small toe. This is the only shoe of mine to have this issue. I hope the R3 is made better.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment, Tim. The LunarSpider is definitely on the narrow range of shoes, which can put a lot of strain on the material in the mid and forefoot. We’ve had other customer feedback about the durability of the upper. Our first impression is that the R3 is constructed with a higher quality material than the R2, but we’ll wait to see when they arrive in stock.

  • Jeff D

    In a somewhat related question, will you also be carrying the Lunarspeed Lite?

  • Matt

    Yes, we will have the Lunarspeed Lite in early April.

  • Curtiss

    You mention that this shoe is primarily geared towards 5K and 10K racing. Would this shoe work for 10K to Half-Marathon racing?

  • Matt

    Lighter and faster runners can get away with running a half marathon in this shoe, but there are better options from Nike for this distance. If you want the Lunar feel in a more durable and forgiving shoe, check out the Nike LunaRacer. For a shoe that’s still plenty lightweight but will hold up better than the LunarSpider over a longer distance, consider the Nike Zoom Streak.

  • Curtiss

    How about the Lunarspeed Lite+? What is the intended distance racing for this shoe? I currently race road and triathlons with the LunaRacer, but wanted a shoe with more of a mesh upper and seamless interior that I could also race triathlons with.

  • Matt

    The Lunarspeed Lite+ is more of a marathon shoe bordering on a daily trainer. It comes in about an ounce heavier than the LunaRacer, but does offer a traditional mesh design. You might want to take a look at the Lunar Montreal for a triathalon application. It has an open mesh front on the LunaRacer’s platform.

  • Michael Thorson

    Will the Lunarspider R2 be on sale when these comes out? I am assuming since this is next generation the price of the Lunarspider R2 will come down from $125.

  • Matt

    We have one color of the Lunarspider 2 (Black/Silver/Red) already well below MSRP on our site. Going forward, pricing will depend on our inventory levels and current market demand when the R3 is introduced.

  • James

    Could some who wears a size 13, let’s say in the lunar racer, get away with wearing a size 12 in these?

  • Matt

    Your feet will be extremely cramped in the LunarSpider R3 if you regularly wear a size 13. You’re looking at a tighter fit length-wise and width-wise. Sorry!

  • sally

    How does the toebox compare to the R2? I race in the XC, but liked the feel of the R@, except that it felt longer and narrower–so I returned them and didn’t get a chance to wear the for running/racing. Wondering if any changes made to the updated version. I like the XC, but the heel feels a touch loose.

  • Matt

    The R3 fits narrower and snugger throughout compared to the R2. The toebox is more narrow in width but just as tall as the R2. The R3 would likely fit you better in the heel compared to the Streak XC, but you’re also likely to find the toebox too constricting.