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Nike LunarFly+ 3 Women's Running Shoe

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The Nike LunarFly 3 is a daily trainer with big cushion and big style. A good choice for runners needing just a touch of pronation control.
(View Men’s LunarFly 3 and Women’s LunarFly 3.)

Runners Say

“I don’t regularly run in Nike shoes, but these fit very comfortably. The upper moves well with my foot and they have a smooth transition from first impact to toe-off. The shoe feels a little thin in the forefoot in terms of cushioning, but that could be because the heel of the midsole is so padded.” – Joanna

“I ran comfortably in these, despite the sensation when I first put the shoe on that the arch spanned the width of the shoe, which was a bit awkward. The Grey/Lime colorway is very bright – you almost wouldn’t need reflectivity on a night run!” – Matt

“It’s got old school 70’s styling, 80’s colors and modern tech. The upper was comfortable but I found the contour of the footbed to be a bit off at first, but this went away when running. Bouncy, bouncy is how the shoe felt. Too bouncy for my tastes, but I know some runners love this type of feel.” – Jonathan

Big Updates

  • Lowered Stack Height: The height of the midsole drops by 4mm in the heel and 3mm in the forefoot to get the runner closer to the ground. But don’t worry, the shoe is still plenty cushioned.
  • A Little Heavier: By our measurements, version 3 of the LunarFly bulked up a bit compared to version 2. Likely, the added weight is from more durable materials used in the upper construction. Still, the shoe comes in pretty light, at 9.6 oz (Men’s 9) and 8.3 oz (Women’s 8).

Road Test

The LunarFly+ 3 is one of those shoes that feels heavier in your hand than it does on your foot. That’s largely due to the fact that the Lunarlon cushioning technology gives the shoe such a bouncy, light step. Joanna mentioned, “it feels light, especially for how squishy it is.” A few testers noted that the heel-to-toe transition seemed awkward when walking in the shoe, but felt good at a running pace.

Though we certainly wouldn’t consider the LunarFly+ 3 to be a narrow or snug shoe, it has a slightly more streamlined fit than some other Nike running models, especially in the mid- to forefoot. The heel was just a bit wide for most of our testers, but the overall fit got widespread thumbs up.

Another feature worth pointing your thumb skyward is the price point. This shoe offers a lot of features for its $85.00 MSRP, including the aforementioned Lunarlon midsole, Dynamic Support for stability, and a well-built upper. And can you really put a pricetag on retro style?

With the LunarFly+ 3, Nike did a nice job of releasing a daily trainer with comfort, cushion, and go-fast capability.

  • brent

    I found the fly’s to be a good jack of all trades shoe. Like the new type of reviews on the blog that you folks have started, keep it up!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the feedback, Brent. “Jack of all trades” is a great way to describe this model!

  • Steven

    Love the reviews – keep them coming.

  • Matt

    Thank you Steven. We’re doing our best to pass along helpful info and I appreciate your comment.

  • KRS

    One reason I liked the LF 2 so much was the lack of support, flexibility, and over simple fit. I hated the glide because it was too much shoe, and felt very clunky. I am afraid to buy the LF 3 because I don’t want it to feel like the glide. Any thoughts???

  • Matt

    The LunarFly 3 remains a pretty flexible and simple shoe, particularly compared to the LunarGlide. The ride and fit of the LunarFly 3 is largely indistinguishable from that of the 2 in our opinion. If you want a lighter and more flexible shoe that still uses Lunar technology, you also might want to keep an eye out for the Nike Lunarspeed Lite, releasing in April.

  • Jess

    Is anyone able to compare all 3 iterations of the shoe? I looooved the first Lunarfly and felt like I lost something with the Lunarfly 2. I’d love to be able to find another pair of the first ones but don’t want to buy if it more closely resembles the 2.

  • Matt

    The LunarFly and LunarFly 2 sat on the same platform, but the upper was revamped in the second version, giving a little more structure. The LunarFly 3 is completely new with a lower mid/outsole and redesigned upper, but is still built for moderate cushioning as a daily trainer. We feel all three versions fit and run pretty similarly. Anyone else who’s run in these shoes?

  • Alexander

    Hi, I will be purchasing the Lunarfly +3 Trail shoe. How are they compared to the Lunarglide 4? I’m a moderate overpronator and have medium arch, but collapsed transversal arch. I also have wide forefoot. I’m thinking on buying 1 size bigger just in case. Do the Lunarfly have a good forefoot cushioning, as I’m a fore/mid foot striker?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. We do not carry the trail version of the LunarFly 3, but the road version is similar in many respects to the LunarGlide 4. Both shoes offer a minimal amount of pronation support and have a medium width forefoot, with the LunarFly 3 perhaps feeling just a touch narrower in the mid/forefoot. The LunarGlide 4 offers additional cushioning but is actually lighter thanks to the use of higher technology materials in the upper. The LunarGlide has additional Lunarlon foam in the heel and forefoot, but the LunarFly 3 still feels like a very cushioned shoe.

  • FE

    Hey, how do these compare to the Lunarfly 2 and 4? I run in the 2’s and can’t seem to find anything like it… and are afraid that the 3 or 4 won’t have as much support.

  • Matt

    The LunarFly 3 felt a lot like the 2. And even though we don’t carry it, we’d assume the 4 feels a lot like the 3, since it has a carryover platform (mid/outsole). The most similar shoes we carry to the LunarFly are the Nike Zoom Elite 6 ( and Asics Gel Excel33 2 (