Nike LunaRacer+ 3 Sneak Peek

Nike LunaRacer 3 Men's Shoe

To make changes to the LunaRacer is to make a bold move. The last time Nike messed with the shoe and introduced the LunaRacer 2, runners got grumpy and the Swoosh reverted back to the cult favorite’s original design. But even with all the love it gets, the original LunaRacer, first released way back in 2008, is not necessarily a “perfect” shoe. The slim upper design made for a claustrophobic fit for some runners, and we’ve heard a few reports of overheating due to the material used in the upper.

Nike addresses these concerns in their second attempt to update the shoe. A completely redesigned upper replaces the plastic-y thin mesh material with a more pliable and breathable open mesh, while the absence of overlays should make for a more accommodating fit. We expect the LunaRacer 3 to appeal to a much wider range of runners, while retaining its original fanbase.

What to Watch For

  • New Upper Design: A new mesh upper features both Engineered Mesh, eliminating the need for overlays, as well as Dynamic Flywire, allowing for a fit that changes along with the shape of the foot during the gait cycle.
  • Carryover Platform: Lunarlon cushioning provides a soft yet responsive ride without adding much weight to the shoe, and carbon rubber in key areas provides traction and durability.
  • Reduced Weight: Nike claims a weight of 6.2 oz for the updated model, a slight decrease over the 6.6 oz weight we measured for the current LunaRacer.


Launch Date
January 2013

Men’s Color
Volt/Black/Teal LunaRacer+ 3
Blue/Black/Crimson LunaRacer+ 3

Women’s Color
Pink/Grey/Fuchsia LunaRacer+ 3
Turquoise/Anthracite/Crimson LunaRacer+ 3

Nike LunaRacer 3 Men's Shoe Medial View

  • Christian

    I’m really excited about these. The originals were great except for the pressure they put on the small toes. Its something I could deal with in races, but it wasn’t perfect. I just wish they would be available sooner. I’d like to try them out for a possible use in the Miami marathon in late Jan ’13. It will be cutting it close and I will try.