Nike Flyknit Sneak Peek

Nike Flyknit Racer Men's Running Shoe

If you haven’t yet heard about Nike’s Flyknit technology, get ready for a marketing onslaught in the coming months. Nike has spent the last 4 years designing and engineering a lightweight, knit upper material that fits the foot like a sock but still has the dynamic structure needed for a supportive fit.

A Closer Look

  • Flyknit ain’t a bunch of leftover yarns and threads from your grandma’s closet. It is precisely engineered material with varying yarn densities and knit structures that creates a featherweight, formfitting and virtually seamless upper. The material offers precise support, flexibility and breathability all in one layer.
  • Flyknit technology eliminates the need for overlays – the major source of added weight in a shoe’s upper. Additional weight savings are seen in the knit fabric itself, which is extremely lightweight but tested extensively to be durable over the shoe’s lifespan.
  • Flyknit technology will be on the feet of many elite runners this spring and summer. The Flyknit Racer was worn by several competitors at January’s Olympic Marathon Trials, including Dathan Ritzenhein and Mo Trafeh. It is likely to be the marathon shoe of choice for runners from the U.S., Kenya, Great Britain, Russia and other countries in London this summer.
  • An improved environmental profile comes from reduced waste and using less material when constructing the upper. Nike claims that construction of the upper only produces a few pieces of string as a waste product.

Models Using Flyknit

The following models are expected to launch July 2012, with additional models using Flyknit technology on the horizon. The names of the models may be changed prior to the public debut.

  • Flyknit Racer: The poster shoe for the collection, the Nike Flyknit Racer weighs only 5.6 oz in a Men’s size 9. To put that in perspective, it is almost 20% lighter than the Nike Zoom Streak 3.
  • Flyknit Trainer+: Designed as an everyday running shoe, the Nike Flyknit Trainer+ comes in at 7.7 oz. It offers a Lunarlon midsole and is designed to bring the weight and fit benefits of Nike Flyknit to runners of all levels.

There also will be a limited-edition HTM Flyknit collection, which includes an Olympic-colored Flyknit Racer (possibly called the “London Racer’) and two Trainer+ models with distinct upper designs.

More Info

For more details and a brief product video, take a look at Nike’s site all about Flyknit:

  • tyson

    do you know the heel-toe drop on the racers or the trainers?

  • Mandy Heny

    Nike Flyknit technology, yarns and fabric variations are precisely engineered only where they are needed for a featherweight, formfitting and virtually seamless.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Tyson. We have not yet received detailed tech specs but will keep you posted!

  • tyson

    thank you. these look awesome. but i am afraid of the offset like they have with most of their shoes.

  • chris

    How much will they Possibly be if you Were to guess. Also how Long do you think the Lifespan on the shoe would be.

  • Matt

    Nike has not yet announced pricing on these models. We guess that all the initial models will retail well over $100. From what we have heard, the Flyknit fabric has been engineered for durability. The Racer shoe should be about as durable as other racing flats currently on the market, with the Trainer having a similar lifespan to other daily training shoes from Nike such as the LunarFly and LunarSwift.

  • Ben

    Is there any word when these shoes will be available for purchase?

  • Matt

    The latest information we have from Nike is that the shoes will not be available to online retailers. We are not sure of the schedule to roll out the shoes at brick and mortar retailers.

  • Jonathan

    any word on the heel drop now that they’re out? thanks.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. The Flyknit Trainer and Flyknit Racer are not initially available to online retailers, so we do not have a shoe in stock that can be used to measure. We are not sure if or when these models will be made available to online stores.