Nike Air Pegasus+ 29 – Our Take

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The Nike Air Pegasus+ 29 cranks up the cushioning compared to prior versions, making it a top choice for runners who need shock absorption in a comfy package.
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Big Updates

  • Engineered Mesh – Variably stitched upper provides lightweight structure and minimizes overlays.
  • Lateral Crash Cuts – Horizontal grooves in the heel of the midsole allow for easier compression and controlled motion.

Road Test

The latest Pegasus increases plushness compared to past models, offering a mountain of cushioning and a simple, structured upper for miles of comfort. If you enjoy a super-soft ride, you’ll feel right at home in the Pegasus.

The variable-stitch mesh in the upper minimizes overlays while providing support in key areas. We liked the Flywire fibers that tighten down the midfoot, and the lacing is easily adjustable. Testers also felt anchored in the heel, with a padded heel collar and supportive heel counter.

Even with all the cushioning, the Pegasus 29 is pretty light, both on the scale and on your foot. That lighter feel is helped along by a flexible midsole that produces a smooth transition.

Count on the Pegasus 29 for serious impact protection no matter how far your run takes you. The flexible midsole will keep you moving forward with ease, as the sleek upper hugs your foot right where you need it.

Runners Say

“I don’t remember the last time I was in a running shoe with this much cushioning. But the shoe works as a total package as well – comfortable, supportive upper and very good traction from the outsole rubber.” – Matt

“The Pegasus continues to be designed with the heel striker in mind. High-mileage comfort is what this shoe is all about.” – Alice

  • Shahar Zwick

    Well I have to realize something, they have more cushioning than the Nike Zoom Vomero+ 7?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. Might be too close to call on that one. Both shoes offer a tremendous amount of cushioning, but the Pegasus is a touch softer overall in our opinion.

  • Sharon

    I had always understood the Vomero to be cushier and the Pegasus to be more responsive. Are these still true?

  • Willie Abrams

    Any chance you all will have these (or the Vomero+ 7) in 4E?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Sharon. In our opinion with the latest updates to both shoes, the Vomero has been firmed up just a touch and the Pegasus is softer. The Pegasus may still be a bit more responsive due to the fact that it does not have a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot.

  • Matt

    We will be carrying the Pegasus 29 in 4E widths in the Grey/Volt color. They are expected to arrive mid-August. We do not plan to go beyond a 2E width in the Vomero 7.

  • Brent

    So I am confused? Do these feel like the vomero since they have so much cushioning? The 28s were really good IMO, and one of the things that I liked about them was how they felt compared to the vomero. The vomeros had WAY too much cushioning, and I found that I could get more miles out of the pegasus as well.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question Brent. It’s a bit confusing because traditionally the Vomero has been softer than the Pegasus, but with the latest updates, that’s no longer the case. The Vomero was firmed up a touch and the Pegasus is definitely softer than it has been in recent generations. We just did a side by side comparison and most testers felt the Vomero 7 is actually firmer and more responsive throughout the gait compared to the Pegasus 29. Still, both shoes are highly cushioned trainers. We’d say the Vomero 7 is actually closer to the Pegasus 28 in terms of its cushioning profile.

  • Mark Chiesa

    I couldn’t stand the Peg 27 and 28 uppers. I loved the 25 and 26s. I was also very fond of the cushioning in the 25s and 26s. Would you say the cushioning in the Peg 29 or the Vomero 7 is more like the Peg 25 and 26s. And should anyone know where to find some Peg 25s and 26s PLEASE let me know. I regret not buying a few pair at the time. I tried Lunarglides which are nice but a different shoe.

  • Matt

    The latest Pegasus is the softest one in our memory, while the Vomero 7 has been firmed up. We’d say the Vomero 7 is going to feel closer to older versions of the Pegasus in the cushioning department. Not sure what you didn’t like about the uppers of the more recent Pegasus models but the latest Pegasus and Vomero fit pretty similarly to each other, with the Vomero giving you a bit more ability to adjust the midfoot fit thanks to the Dynamic Fit system.

  • Liesl

    I over pronate, especially my right foot, do you think it will be a good choice for me to buy the Pegasus 29?

  • Matt

    The Pegasus is a neutral shoe. It is not designed to provide pronation support. A better option from Nike is the LunarEclipse. Other popular support shoes with a more cushioned ride like the Pegasus are the Asics GT-2000 and Brooks Ravenna.

  • ken

    Hey, I’m thinking of buying the +29, and i need a 2e but at the store there is no indication on the box about the width, inside the tongue above the size box it says “XE” is that the width information?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Ken. All the Pegasus 29 with have “XE” in the upper right of the size box on the tongue. Look for the number “530985” or “524950” toward the bottom of the box. “530985” is the code for the wide 2E width, “524950” is the code for the regular D width. The shoebox should also have “(W)” after the size to indicate if it is a width.

  • Kerry

    Hi There – saw your note re confirming Pegasus width using the box – is there any way to tell off the shoe what the width is?

  • Matt

    @Kerry: The “box” we were referring to in the previous comment is the square inside the tongue of the shoe. You can look for the numbers we mentioned there to determine the width of the shoe.

  • Canary Royal Runner

    For what its worth I have searched far and wide for a comfortable cushioned shoe that didn’t leave me with aching legs and black toes including Ghost 5 and Saucony Triumph 9 and found the Pegasus 32 to be the most comfortable of all with no innjuries – I have PBs in 10 mile and half marathon in the first week of wearing them – It will be interesting to see how they go on the shorter runs if I get PBs on 5k and 10k

  • Canary Royal Runner

    @Matt The Pegasus made in China have XE the ones in Vietnam are marked VE and there is a subtle differnce on how they feel in the width

  • Matt

    Thanks for that detailed info. Would you say the XE feel wider or narrower than the VE?

  • Alan

    I´m from Bolivia and i found this pegasus 29 in a local store (524950 008 vietnam) and i can´t find it in any nike store in the web, are those real or fake??

  • Matt

    That’s a valid color code for the Antrhracite/Orange colorway of the Pegasus 29. You probably can’t find them anywhere else because that color was released nearly a year ago and the shoe was updated to the Pegasus 30 about two months ago.