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New Balance MR00 Men's Running Shoes

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With just 12mm of material separating you from the tarmac, the New Balance MR/WR00 is flat, flexible and light.
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Big Features

  • Zero Drop: As the name suggests, the Minimus Road 00 sits on a level platform with a 12mm stack height in the heel and forefoot.
  • Vibram Outsole: Durable Vibram rubber is placed on areas of the outsole that are most likely to see high wear.
  • No-Sew Upper: Great for runners who want to run sockless, the no-sew upper minimizes hot spots where blisters might form.

Road Test

Was the Minimus Road 10 just too much shoe for you? If so, New Balance has your number with the new MR00/WR00. This shoe comes in about 2 oz lighter than the Minimus Road 10 and drops the heel-to-toe ratio so that it’s dead level.

The Minimus Road 00 wraps your heel and midfoot thanks to a form-fitting last shape but gives you space in the forefoot for your toes to splay out during the gait cycle. Most testers liked the fit and feel of the upper, though one female tester commented that she wasn’t a fan of the different mesh material used in the WT00 version of the shoe, which she felt wasn’t as breathable.

Get ready to get seriously in touch with the ground in this shoe. Your feet will be on their own – there’s no noticeable cushioning to speak of. But testers noted that the ride is surprisingly smooth given how little material is strapped on beneath your foot. Flexibility is a hallmark of this shoe – the mid/outsole never gets in your way. The zero drop design actually felt to a few testers like a negative drop design, with the heel sitting below the forefoot. But that’s perception, not reality, and runners used to a zero drop shoe will easily feel at home in the Minimus Road 00.

Runners Say

“The fit is right on, and the foldover tongue design makes me wonder why more shoes in all running categories don’t move to this simpler design.” – Matt

“I thought I ‘got’ the idea of the Minimus collection, but this shoe and the Minimus Trail 00 take the Minimus line in a different direction that’s even more stripped down.” – Lauren

“Love the fit. It just wraps around foot very well. For me, this shoe doesn’t feel like it has any padding. It’s fine on grass but just too minimal on the road. If you want to really feel the road, almost literally, this is your shoe.” – Jonathan

  • Steven

    New Balance – why so narrow through the midfoot? And what’s with the ridge along the outside edge of the sole which sticks uncomfortably into the lateral edge of my foot? Spoils the shoe.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment, Steven. We noticed a bit of a bump on the lateral midfoot also. It wasn’t to the point where it caused discomfort or affected our run, but did seem strange. The shoe is built to hug the midfoot but give you some room for your forefoot to expand. Might be a little too “glove-like” for some in this area.

  • Matt

    I can’t get past the feeling of the stitching/seam where the upper and lower are stitched together. The shoe fits perfectly, but there’s just this ‘ridge’ all the way around the bottom of my foot, which ruins the whole thing. Put an insole from another shoe in it, and it’s fine, but that kindof ruins the point.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment, Matt. We’ve had a few other customers note that the MR00/WR00 doesn’t feel wide enough, which causes pressure on the sides of the foot by the upper/midsole seam. Appreciate you sharing your real-world experience too.