New Balance 890 v4 Sneak Peek

The New Balance numbering system can cause confusion from time to time, but there’s no confusing the fact that the 890 series has been a reliable performance shoe for neutral runners. The upcoming fourth version of this model introduces a whole new look, with a comprehensive redesign from heel to toe.

What to Watch For

  • Weight Reduction: New Balance claims weight decreases of nearly an ounce in v4, with Men’s size 9 at 8.5 oz and Women’s size 7 at 6.7 oz, compared to NB’s official weights for v3 at 9.4 oz and 7.5 oz, respectively.
  • No-Sew Upper: Stitches be gone! The upper of the 890 v4 features all welded overlays, which reduces weight and the risk of irritation.
  • Increased Toe Spring: The amount the platform curves up at the toe has been increased slightly for a better transition at toe-off.
  • More Generous Toebox: Prior models of the 890 have been known for their shallow toebox, and NB decided to add a bit more material to provide an accommodating fit to more runners.
  • Same Offset: We expect the 890 v4 to continue to fall in the 7mm-8mm drop category.
  • Widths Available: Like prior models, we will carry the Men’s version in 2E widths.


Release Date
November 2013 (one Men’s and one Women’s color)
February 2014 (remaining colorways)

Men’s Colors
Cobalt Black/Yellow New Balance 890 v4
Atomic Yellow/Magnet New Balance 890 v4
Blue/Green New Balance 890 v4

Women’s Color
Blue/Pink New Balance 890 v4
Yellow/Silver New Balance 890 v4

New Balance 890 v4 Women's Running Shoe Blue/Pink

New Balance 890 v4 Outsole View

  • Brent

    You can’t go wrong with NB. They provide the best comfort and last forever!

  • Casondra

    I just notice that the drop is listed as 10mm when you pull these up to pre-order. Is that true? Are they really increasing it?

  • Matt

    That is our measurement of a sample shoe. We’ll confirm it when we receive production shoes in stock but we expect the measurement to remain at 10mm.