Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Sneak Peek

OK, Rider fans, Mizuno is shaking it up a bit for you in the coming introduction of the Wave Rider 17. The best-selling neutral trainer from Mizuno will be completely refreshed from heel to toe this December, including a lightweight upper and new midsole technology (U4iC) that provides durable shock absorption while being 30% lighter than the Rider’s previous AP+ midsole foam.

Along with the upcoming Wave Inspire 10, this dynamic duo is resetting the standard in terms of weight and performance in the mainstream daily trainer category. We’re excited to try the shoes out and to see how the market responds to these innovative designs from Mizuno.

What to Watch For

  • New Midsole Cushioning: Mizuno’s U4iC midsole compound is 30% lighter than traditional foams but is still designed to provide the smooth ride that is a Wave Rider hallmark.
  • Lighter Weight: According to Mizuno, the Men’s Rider 17 should clock in at just 8.8 oz, with Women’s at 7.4 oz. That’s an ounce lighter than the current models and will make it the lightest daily trainer we carry.
  • More Platform Updates: A blown rubber outsole replace of heavier carbon rubber used on past models. Also, a beveled edge on the lateral forefoot is designed to provide a smoother transition and toe-off.
  • Fresh Upper: The seamless design of the upper has minimal overlays to reduce weight while continuing to provide a secure and comfortable fit.


Release Date
December 2013

Men’s Colors
White/Black/Fiesta Wave Rider 17
Dark Slate/Bright Marigold/Columbia Wave Rider 17
Olympian Blue/Cyber Yellow/Dress Blue Wave Rider 17

Women’s Colors
White/Dark Slate/Dewberry Wave Rider 17
Dark Slate/Cabbage/Raspberry Rose Wave Rider 17
Sugar Coral/Aurora/Dark Slate Wave Rider 17

Men's Wave Rider 17 White/Black/Fiesta

Women's Wave Rider 17 White/Dark Slate/Dewberry

Men's Wave Rider 17 Dark Slate/Bright Marigold/Columbia

Women's Wave Rider 17 Dark Slate/Cabbage/Raspberry Rose

Men's Wave Rider 17 Olympian Blue/Cyber Yellow/Dress Blue

Women's Wave Rider 17 Sugar Coral/Aurora/Dark Slate

  • David Weeks

    Wow, they sure look.fantastic at first glance! Let’s hope they’ll meet those high expectations?

  • Todd

    Any idea what the drop will be on the 17’s.

  • Matt

    We measured a sample pair at 30/18, which would be a 12mm drop like the current model but a few mm higher in heel and forefoot.

  • David Weeks

    Still seems from the pictures, like the Inspire 10, the midsole sure seemts to look thinner? Is the wieght reduction from a lighter upper + the new midsole material?

  • Matt

    The midsole material is 30% lighter than AP+ and the upper is also lighter. In addition, the blown rubber outsole is lighter than the previous carbon rubber outsole.

  • rockidr4

    NOOO!!! Not blown rubber! That never lasts.

  • Matt

    We definitely hear the concern. We asked Mizuno about this and they said that their pretty extensive wear testing resulted in a blown rubber blend that is equally as durable as the previous carbon rubber material. We’ll have to wait and see the customer feedback once the shoes hit the market, but we applaud them for working on reducing weight while maintaining durability.

  • David Weeks

    I have yet to see Any running shoe with blown rubber in their outsole be a durable shoe! Reducing weight is part of their improved formula, but until we can expect as good or better durability with this Update I would Not consider it an improvement..

  • Nate

    I’m looking forward to this shoe. I tried on the Sayonara and I’m a fan of the new U4ic foam, even though the Sayonara upper didn’t agree with my feet. This is the most excited I’ve been for the Rider in several years!

  • Jack

    I wish shoe companies and shoe sellers would stop equating lighter and different with better. I love to run, but seriously, the fact that I actually have to research shoes every six months to be sure some fad like minimalism hasn’t ruined the shoe I’ve been running in makes me hate the lot of you (shoe business folks, not runners). Didn’t the 16 just come out, less than a year ago, which was a touchup of the 15, which corrected the massive failure that was the 14?

  • Matt

    These are great points, Jack. The Rider 16 launched in November 2012. It was indeed a slight update to the 15, and the 14 was the version that got widely panned. The Rider 17 could be a big shift in feel compared to the past few models. We’ll leave it up to our customers whether the Rider 17 still fits the bill. Oh, and please don’t hate us too much – we have very little say in what gets produced or changed from model year to model year!

  • Jack

    Too true, you don’t get to design shoes, but Mizuno reps will listen to you, but not to me, so my two cents are offered here in cranky-old-man rant style. Indeed, I am hopeful the same groundswell that turned Brooks around with turn Mizuno around.

  • http://www.mizunorunning.com Seth at Mizuno


    Thanks for your concerns my friend! I’m Seth w/ Mizuno Running – please don’t hate me :)

    Our shoes are on a 2 years update cycle, meaning every 2 years the shoe gets a major update (midsole, outsole, upper) and every Fall the Wave Rider gets smaller changes (usually any fixes we need to tweak and an upper change).

    The 16 came out last Novemember, and the 17 is due to hit streets early December… hope you will give it a chance!

  • Matthew

    I am SUPER excited for this update. I’m an avid rider wearer and have gone through 4 pairs of the 15 and 2 of the 16. As with any update, I’m a little weary that you ‘experts’ will destroy the shoe I have come to love oh so tenderly, but I will give this a try. If it sucks, well, I’ll just have to buy out a couple store’s supplies of the 16 and hope to make them last until the next patch is released.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment, Matthew…sounds like we have a superfan on our hands! Based on what we’ve seen so far, we have a lot of faith that Mizuno has really dialed in the Rider 17 and it’s going to be a big hit with fans of the shoe. Only time will tell!

  • Dan

    Any word on another batch of color choices in January? (Wonder if I can stretch my 16s ’til then!)

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. The only other color coming for men is an electric pink/lime combo that is scheduled to launch in March. After that, we expect to see a new color or two in June.

  • Heidi

    Hi! Just wondering if the ankle height will be any less on the 17. I have had to return my 16’s because they came up too high and hit my ankle funny. I purchased several pairs of 12’s when they were out and they have been hands-down the most comfortable pair I’ve owned! I’m hopeful that the 17’s will do the trick! I’m on my last pair of 12’s!! :)

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. We haven’t tried on the Rider 17 but when we saw the samples, we noted that the heel seemed just about as deep as on the current model. Since you’re running low on 12’s, we’d encourage you to at least give the 17 a try to see how it fits you.

  • Patty

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE WOMEN’S WAVE PRECISION SHOE.Why would mizuno discontinue one of its best running shoes? If its not broke, don’t fix it.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment, Patty. Have you tried on the new Wave Sayonara that replaces the Precision? It earned Best Debut from Runner’s World and we’ve been hearing loads of positive feedback on the shoe. You can shop it here: http://www.runningwarehouse.com/searchresults.html?search=products&type=wom&searchtext=sayonara